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Comment Re:Costs of education? (Score 1) 551

I've seen the true colors of the "Republicans."

So you're drawing conclusions about the entire populace of these so-called "Republicans" based on your experience at your University? That sounds a bit like what your complaining about, no? All the following is from my University experience: I have had more than my share of headbutts with hillbilly republicans. My biggest beef with them is that the majority of them only hold those political views because their Mothers did and their Mothers did...etc... Completely closed minded just cuz that's the way it was always done. Inbred swine... I've also had trouble with die hard Liberals. Completely closed minded and get ridiculously aggressive with any questioning, as in red-in-the face spitting mad. To be honest , I rarely get a straight answer from one. I mean come on....jeez And then again I've had fair debates with both sides where everyone kept it civil. (I'm a vindictive little schmuck....I argue with everyone) So it's just like anything else, you always have your dicks in a group. Sometimes they're concentrated in an area too... Like so: I don't like them either, but this sounds more like an angry rant versus a non-biased conclusion.

Comment Re:Same as before. (Score 1) 80

Manually? UMAD?!?! HiJackThis is woefully out of date, don't bother with it. Use one of these: 1. 2. ComboFix - You'll have to enroll in a school to get the in-depth guide 3. AVZ - Includes a really powerful scripting ability. Each of the

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