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Comment It's the women. (Score 5, Insightful) 1034

I love how it is always something wrong on the part of men, but that's the whole point when you get down to it.

Men are tired of women's crap.
Men are tired of American women in particular.
Men are tired of being told to "Act like a man" by women who don't want to "Act like a woman"
Men are tired of the atmosphere that has been created as of late.
Men are much more jaded by 25 because of women they've dated than ever before.
Men are tired of being treated as a pocketbook, resource, protector, etc.. and getting crapped on in return.
Men are tired of being expected to take on the dangerous jobs, longer hours, and more responsibility, but are screamed at for making more money.

Let's face it, most men don't want any part of it after a while.
Give me something to enjoy my time with, some food and let me blow my load on occasion, and my needs are generally met.
When the cost of dating a woman is more than a hooker, it's time to just get a hooker.
Video games don't nag, pester, whine and demand attention every 10 minutes.
Video games don't expect you to like all their friends, nor try to get to know all of your friends.
I don't have to buy porn dinner or take it to a movie before it'll put out.
Porn and video games don't have some irrational urge to talk about feelings and relationships every day.
Porn and video games don't start dropping hints after 6 months about moving in and/or getting married.

Simply put, again, many men are tired of women's crap, American women specifically.

There's a number of decent foreign women who know how to interact with a man while still being able to be themselves, and more guys are becoming aware of this and going for them, vs a bunch of spoiled, loud mouth, bossy, overly entitled, classless American bitches with nothing but bad attitudes.

Men may be the ones who are going for video games and porn, but women are the ones driving them to it.

Much like how these articles always seem to be written by women, or a woman leading around yet another spineless, pussy-whipped man giving a broken spirited 'Yes dear" after everything she says.

Comment Kinetics or radiation (Score 1) 892

There's going to be two main methods of ordinance delivery: kinetic kill weapons, and radiation.

Kinetic kill is easy enough to envision, essentially a high tech version of a rifle or cannon. Something with high mass, at high speed with enough inertia and kinetic energy to crumple whatever structure it hits, if it doesn't simply punch clean through, creating all sorts of havoc.

But, there's the other silent killer... radiation. Hard, soft, thermal, etc.

You don't have to kill the vehicle, just who's driving it.

Comment Not the tech, but it's use. (Score 2) 240

There is some argument about the overuse of technology, but the bigger issue is how and when it's used. Now, plopping the kid in front of the TV.. generally bad, even if it's so called educational programming. Video games... I'd say so so, as long as the socialization is there. Now, things that make the kid learn more and become engaged in their information and such, not so bad. It's all in the use. Using it as a substitute for something is not going to end well. using it as a supplement for most things, probably ok.

I was programming at a young age, I was also racing dirt bikes and helping dad fix his cars.

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