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meaningless to themselves  *Monday April 23, 2001 @12:09PM  2
That attitude pisses me off.  *Monday April 23, 2001 @09:19AM  2
Beyond that...  *Monday April 23, 2001 @08:38AM  2
   attached to Learn The Language Of Math
And these people would be /so/ much better off...  *Tuesday April 03, 2001 @06:59PM  2
Oh yes, how horribly, horribly evil!  *Tuesday April 03, 2001 @11:54AM  3
   attached to Philanthropy Redefined
Which ones?  *Thursday March 22, 2001 @04:47PM  2
   attached to Mandelbrot Set Originally Found In 13th Century
Re:Always trust content from Microsoft Corporation  *Thursday March 22, 2001 @11:26AM  2
   attached to Don't Trust Code Signed by 'Microsoft Corporation'
There's no conflict between ideals and profits.  *Monday March 19, 2001 @11:11PM  2
How about this one?  *Monday March 19, 2001 @06:50PM  2
   attached to Slashback: Winnings
Maturity is not the problem.  *Monday March 19, 2001 @02:31PM  2
Make it as simple as possible, but no simpler.  *Monday March 19, 2001 @02:23PM  2
   attached to Too Much Tech Makes End Users Blink
Correction:  *Tuesday March 13, 2001 @08:45PM  1
ANGRY DENIAL!  *Tuesday March 13, 2001 @07:23PM  4
   attached to Scientists And Engineers Say "Computers Suck!"
Our turn, we choose... the stars!  *Wednesday March 14, 2001 @12:06AM  2
   attached to Universe Teeming With Black Holes
The fine and subtle art of self-FUD.  *Monday March 12, 2001 @12:59PM  3
   attached to A PlayStation In Deep Blue, Or Vice Versa?
It's a sure thing!  *Saturday March 10, 2001 @12:47AM  4
   attached to Fiddler on the RUF
Plastic needn't be made from fossil fuels.  *Thursday March 08, 2001 @06:51PM  2
   attached to Bell Labs Creates Plastic Semiconductor
You could also demonstrate:  *Thursday March 08, 2001 @05:04PM  2
non-sequitor  *Thursday March 08, 2001 @04:53PM  2
All us techies could learn something from this guy  *Thursday March 08, 2001 @03:18PM  3
   attached to Single-Atom Transistor
It only makes sense...  *Thursday March 08, 2001 @12:14PM  2
   attached to Disney Animation Adopts Python
Um, Man-made == Unnatural  *Thursday March 08, 2001 @08:56AM  2
   attached to Biotech Insects to be Released Into the Wild
The many faces of "cracker".  *Thursday March 08, 2001 @09:12AM  2
   attached to Is Hacktivism Robin Hood Politics?
That's not what it says.  *Wednesday March 07, 2001 @03:35PM  4
   attached to Bad News from Yahoo

"I got everybody to pay up front...then I blew up their planet." "Now why didn't I think of that?" -- Post Bros. Comics