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Comment Re:Things That Scare the Bejeezus Out of Programme (Score 1) 641

First mention of QA that I've seen....

What about "A really good QA team"? Where I am, Dev and QA work fairly close....and while Dev doesn't "fear" QA per se....they still get worried that we come up with scenarios they haven't thought of yet (which is why we tend to work closely before testing really starts).

On the flip side, you could also be scared of a BAD QA team and not catching things before the code goes out the door.


Submission + - Lyrid meteors no moon this weekend

mdsolar writes: "If you want to take a chance on the Lyrid Meteor Shower you should be looking this weekend. This shower is usually a quiet one but can result is spactacular displays from time to time. Sky and Telescope 05866.html has this to say:

In 1982 the rate unexpectedly reached 90 for a single hour, and 180 to 300 for a few minutes. A brief outburst of 100 per hour was also seen in 1922. And on April 20, 1803, residents of Richmond, Virginia, upon being rousted out of bed by a fire bell, were startled to see great numbers of meteors in all parts of the sky. atch-the-lyrid-meteor-shower gives viewing times as the very early hours of Sunday and Monday morning. The Moon will have set by then."

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