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Comment Re:Ride a bike (Score 1) 635


I got up to ~96kgs/212lbs at 173cm/5'8" by working in IT and developing OS software for fun. Went to a gym and cycled the 8 (hilly) km each way to work for a while and lost ~10kg.

Got very fit after my office moved 24 (hilly) km away and decided to keep riding it. I now ride for fun (up to 400km in a day), have a personal trainer to make me work muscle groups that cycling does not work and to generally kick my^K^K^K^K^K^K^Kencourage me, and generally am considered a fit bloke.

The advantage cycling gives is that you are likely to be able to get to work in a comparable time to driving, but getting fit at the same time. IOW, it takes no time out of your day. It will also allow you to get over the pain hump* while doing something practical. Once you are over the hump you'll (well, I did, YMMV) start enjoying exercise and being fit for its own sake, so going for a run will not seem liek an ordeal.

*The pain hump is just getting used to exercise after being a potato for a few years.

Comment Re:Before fire, how did humans consume meat? (Score 1) 487

Spot on.

This is similar to the human race not being able to develop technologically without the discovery/use of fossil fuels. However, we are (probably) not going to be able to continually progress without moving onto more advanced power generating/harnessing/whatever technologies (which would have been impossible to discover/develop without having a good fuel source to begin with). IOW, you cannot jump straight to solar electric energy without first having a useful fuel source to develop it, in our case fossil fuels.

WRT to eating meat, it is perfectly possible to reproduce now without every eating meat and it having zero net affect on brain development of the child etc etc. However, the human race might not have become what it has done without eating meat back in the day.

Comment Re:example of harm (Score 1) 566

In Australia C-sections are often done for liability reasons. They tend to get sued if they do not do everything possible and the baby dies or has other bad stuff happen.

Our ob was completely fine, actually very happy, with my wife having a natural no-drug birth... in hospital and with everything, including drugs, to hand if needed. We're not stupid. The midwife thought it was awesome and is writing a paper on the birth.


Seriously, we did hypnobirthing - lots of witchy-witchery-woo in that (no, really, there is), but it worked. It helped my wife really relax. All through the pregnancy, we did loads of exercise (she was walking/jogging 8-10km a day up until a few days before the birth), yoga, maintained a good diet etc.

So... all holistic and stuff, but with modern medicine, which we ended up not really needing, to hand should Pete raise his Tong.

Comment Re:And how do they know who was driving? (Score 1) 506

In Australia (at least in NSW anyway) the registered owner of the vehicle is assumed to be the driver. Statutory declarations have to be signed etc if this is not the case. Not necessarily a good idea to sign an untrue stat dec either:


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