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Comment Windows 7 is faster than XP for me (Score 1) 821

Windows 7 is faster on the same machine than XP for me. The hardware was not changed at all. I'm running on a Pentium 4HT with 4 gigs of PC5300. I did a fresh install of XP a month ago and did a fresh install of Win7 64bit this week. Boot time is faster and the machine over all seems snappier. I ran Windows 7 in a virtual machine on an XP host ( different machine, Core2Duo with 2 gigs ram) and Windows 7 booted faster than the host XP OS.

Submission + - Domains May Disappear After Search 1

Ponca City, We Love You writes: "A perfect domain name pops into your mind, a quick check at your registrar reveals that the domain is available, you put off the registration a few minutes and when you come back to register the domain, it's taken by someone else. How much time has elapsed between the search and the attempted registration — in one case, less than 90 seconds. Daily Domainer has an interesting story alleging that there may be a leak that allows domain tasters to intercept, analyze and register your domain ideas in minutes. "Every time you do a whois search with any service, you run a risk of losing your domain," says one industry insider. ICANN's Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC ) has not been able to find hard evidence of Domain Name Front Running but they have issued an advisory (pdf) for people to come forward with hard evidence it is happening. Here is how domain name research theft crimes can occur and some tips to avoiding being a victim."

Submission + - Google Combines MultipleServices in New iPhone App (

Tech.Luver writes: "Today, Google announced the release of a new iPhone application that integrates its multiple services into a single interface, making it easy for iPhone users to find, use and switch between Google search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, and more. To use the application, iPhone users simply point their web browser to To accomplish this, Google is taking advantage of browser technologies (like AJAX) that made Gmail and Google Maps possible on the desktop. In supporting these advances in web technology, the iPhone's Safari browser not only delivers an excellent mobile Internet experience. ( )"

Submission + - Are gut microbes making you fat? (

Stonent1 writes: "A recent Newsweek article explains how some scientists have linked body weight to the quantity and type of bacteria in your digestive system and that in experiments in mice they can alter the weight of the mouse by transferring certain bacteria to their digestive system. It is hypothesized that some bacteria are more efficient at converting what you eat into what your body can use for energy and in those cases you would gain weight more easily. Conversely, people who are more slim have a greater abundance of less efficient bacteria so the body is not able to make use of all the food coming in. If further studies support this data, we may at some time be able to alter the balance with dietary supplements."

Submission + - SPAM: Researchers pushing 100 Gig copper networks

alphadogg writes: Penn State engineers are trying to push relatively short Category-7 copper cables to support digital data speeds up to 100Gbps. The idea would be to enable copper cables within a room or building, perhaps being used to interconnect servers, to handle data rates typically reserved for fiber-optic links. The trick has been coming up with a transmitter/receiver that uses error correcting and equalizing methods to cancel interference better than traditional systems.
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Google's Android Cellphone SDK Released 283

AchiIIe writes "The android SDK has been released to the wild. As expected it features the Linux Kernel, low level libraries such as FreeType, OpenGL, SQL Lite, WebKit (as a web browser), a custom Java Bytecode interpreter that is highly specialized for the CPU. A common java API is provided. A video has been posted with an the overview of the API." SM: Several readers have also written to mention the Android Developer Challenge offering $10 million in prizes for cool mobile apps.

Submission + - Google Offers an Early Look at the Android SDK (

TechLuver writes: "Nov 12, '07 — To help developers get started developing new applications,Google is offering an early look at the Android Software Development Kit. The Android platform is a software stack for mobile devices including an operating system, middleware and key applications. Developers can create applications for the platform using the Android SDK. Applications are written using the Java programming language and run on Dalvik, a custom virtual machine designed for embedded use which runs on top of a Linux kernel. Android Developers Blog: Following last week's announcement of the Open Handset Alliance, today we're happy to offer an early look at the Android SDK. We're eager to get feedback from lots of developers in our discussion group. We're also providing developer documentation and this blog to help you get up and going. You're probably wondering about what's available today. This preview of the SDK will allow you to develop Android applications that you can run, test, profile, and debug using the emulator and the other included tools. Note that the look and feel of the user interface in the emulator is a placeholder for a final version that is under development. ( )"

Submission + - SPAM: Google offers $10M for best Android mobile apps

alphadogg writes: "Google will give $10 million to the developers who build the best applications for Android, the open source platform Google designed for building mobile phones. Google said it hopes to spark innovation with the so-called Android Developer Challenge, announced today concurrently with the actual release of Android. The $10 million in prizes will be divided into awards of $25,000 to $275,000, and given to developers who can win over Google's panel of judges."
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Single Nanotube Becomes World's Smallest Radio 152

Invisible Pink Unicorn writes "Researchers at the National Science Foundation have utilized a single carbon nanotube to perform all the functions of a standard radio, acting as an antenna, tunable filter, amplifier, and demodulator. They were then able to tune in a radio signal generated in the room and play it back through an attached speaker. The device is functional across a bandwidth widely used for commercial radio. From the NSF: 'The source content for the first laboratory test of the radio was "Layla," by Derek and the Dominos, followed soon after by "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys.'"

Submission + - The Gathering Storm: Sharepoint 2007

TheR1 writes: Background: we are part of a business group of a large, monolithic corporation that provides IT support to the Federal government. We have been extremely successful in supporting various IDIQ programs over the past 8 years because of our productivity "speed": we can create/deploy Cold Fusion/Flex apps in a fraction of the time our sister business units can do the same using different web development tools.

That is... until now.

There appears to be a massive Gathering Storm coming to our IT support group that is causing much concern: our wonderfully energetic R&D team at corporate headquarters on the east coast has decided their can only be One True Path: Microsoft Sharepoint 2007. This is an edict that has Come Down From the Mountain: we *will* migrate all internal/external websites and web applications to Sharepoint 2007, and we'll do it with a smile and like it, or else.

Sweet. Can't wait for this treat. [eyeball-roll]

What the mezzanine-walking corporate suits back East choose to ignore is the fact we have a ginormous number of ColdFusion apps and Flex widgets currently in production that are performing well, and doing the tasks needed. We initially thought we could simply continue to run these various apps inside some container window within Sharepoint. I am now hearing from some of my web developer staff that, no, that's not the case at all.

BIG QUESTION: True or False? Can one run a small CF app (or PHP widget, Flex form, etc) "inside" a Sharepoint 2007 container window of some sort, or is the rumor true that Sharepoint prohibits that ability, and if you want to do custom data manipulation that isn't routine "out of the box" Sharepoint functionality, you *must* re-do the app/widget in a "web part" utilizing some .NET language only.

If the latter is true, we are truly and royally screwed.

Submission + - Formula One Must Go Green (

PJ1216 writes: "The Federation Internationale de l'Automobile has announced a ban on further investment into F1 engines and must look into more environmentally friendly technology. From the article, "The biggest teams — Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Toyota among them — each spend $200 million or more a year on fossil-fuel technology with little real-world application. But now the sport's ruling body has said, "Enough," and banned further investment in F1 engines. Teams must now focus on hybrid systems and other eco-friendly means of producing power."
Looks like the race needs more green than just a flag. The upshot of this is that this will spur eco-friendly technology that can make its way onto our streets and into our cars."

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