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Journal TheDawgLives's Journal: Slashdot Redesign

Well, I got tired of waiting for the new slashdot, so I replaced my user.css in opera with Michael's entry, with a few minor modifications...

  • First, I added a footer to the slashboxes, so each one is rounded.
  • Second, for some reason in Opera, I had to set the z-order of the slashbox content in order to be able to click on the links.
  • Third, I played with the fonts in the slashboxes a little bit.
  • Fourth, I put the same background from the slashboxes behind the briefarticles, just to spruce them up a bit.
  • Finally, I did my usual ad-hiding tricks.

Overall, I think it looks really nice, and is a vast improvement to the original slashdot css. I prefer it over the other two finalists. The only thing I really wish is that it had a javascript menu, but I guess it's not that big of a deal, since I didn't write my own.

Here are the screenshots:
Slashdot Header and slashboxes
Alternate briefarticles

*note: the main page is really the only page that works well. The other pages still need to be flushed out. Since Michael did all the hard work, you'll have to get his permission to get the css and images to implement this on your own.


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Slashdot Redesign

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