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Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 428

That's not how law works. You can't object that the police are holding you in the jail after the indictment but before the trial without "due process," because that is the process that is due you. If (unlikely) Megaupload is found innocent, then their servers will be restored and service resumed. If they had announced the indictment but not shut down the servers, I bet people would rush to download things pirated content while they could -- just the opposite of their intentions.

Comment Re:Why do politicians even look to NASA for cuts? (Score 1) 134

Do you even know what most of that defense spending goes to? A huge amount of it is for scientific programs, well, not just like the JWST, but that's because space telescopes are NASA's job. To tell the truth, their work in optics has probably made these telescopes a whole lot more possible. If we cut all of that, people all over would be whining that we had cut a huge amount of the USA's science donations
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Journal Journal: First First Post!

So today I did my first first post. I was incredibly surprised, so I didn't mark it in my post. But still... The link is saved for posterity:http://science.slashdot.org/story/11/08/17/2048207/Graphene-In-Space-Offers-Clues-To-Life-On-Earth. I began to just now write "maybe finalyl", then stopped and realizefd this is an utterly worthless accomplishment. Just like all my other ones!

Comment Re:As an American Conservative... (Score 1) 458

Then you might want to become a liberal. Thomas (arch-conservative) and Breyer (moderate liberal) voted against the majority but Alito (conserative) and Roberts (conservative) indicated that their support for the decision was soft

And Scalia (doubtlessly the most conservative person on the court) WROTE the majority opinion. Basically what we see is that conservatives and liberals are divided among themselves. As always.

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