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Comment Re:Bank, please explain me once again... (Score 1) 161

Really? It's called an application. You write one specifically for the bank. Also the cost of the electronic transfer doesn't have anything to do with the problem.

That doesn't work, either. The only way to commercially viable would be for a third party to sell such a package (and I used to be in that business). However, if such a thing becomes prevalent enough, it will get hacked as well. Plus, it has to go over the internet anyway unless you expect bank customers to use speical hardware.

It's amazing how simple things are when looked at by uninformed people.

I assure you, it is not as simple as you seem to imply.

Comment Re:The "metagovernment" troll gets a story? (Score 1) 239


Power of the Majority (i.e. white or German) to squash and exterminate the minority (i.e. black, Japanese, or jew). Is anyone thinks this "remove power from laws" is a good idea, then they truly don't understand what they are endorsing. Tyranny of the majority destroys human rights; it does not protect them.

See Athens. See what happened to Socrates (sentenced to death simply because the majority did not like him).

I wish I could remember who said "Democracy is not two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner". I am sure somebody out there can cite the correct source.

Comment Over-engineering a fix (Score 1) 277

The worst part is the response to this kind of thing... Propeller-heads around the world will set their Password Service to require more complex content, such as 14 punctuation marks, etc.

Personally, as a published expert on this subject, I think that is the worst thing to do. THe problem is, that as more sites "tighten" to stronger content, people start to write them down and that's far worse... Lose the little black book or the iPhone and everything is gone. Make your rules that much more complex and suddenly the patterns people have been using for years (patterns, not always values) no longer work, forcing the "backup" system to memorizing it.

The other thing is that some sites simply need to get over themselves... A donut shop need not require 16 character passwords, email confirmation and CAPCHA just to get info about the latest sales...

To paraphrase somebody else: Passwords are a horrible form of authentication, just better than everything else [for typical uses].

Comment The George Carlin Principle... (Score 2, Informative) 483

Show me a staff that consistently delivers products on time and one of the following will always be true:

1) One or more of your highest performers works extensive amounts of overtime (and is likely to burnout)
2) Project times are consistently overestimated.

It's a variation of the George Carlin Principle... People will adapt to fill the space, one way or the other.

Comment Re:15 years? (Score 2, Insightful) 402

If they even bothered with a trial... A US spy, if that clearcut, would just disappear, so no press coverage.

Instead, we imprison with cable TV and free health care. I hear our prisons are lavish compared to the standard of a normal Chinese citizen. Might not be up to the $3M lifestyle "on the outside", but still better than his ancestors.

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