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Comment Re:Trains are awsome! (Score 1) 283

I don't have extensive flying experience, but I have very extensive train experience (work near to the trainstation in Brussels). In my experience with international trains (Brussels - Amsterdam) you can count your blessings if you got place to sit, let alone work. And don't get me started on local trains ... . Too bad not every train is a Thalys.

Comment Re:Trains are awsome! (Score 1) 283

Cost also seems about the same. Go any further than paris or brussels and flying is almost certainly the quicker option and probablly cheaper

much, much cheaper. and especially much much MUCH faster. And easier to organize

Charleroi - Budapest with airplane: 2 hours, one airplane ticket
Brussels - Budapest with train: 15 hours or 20 hours, depending on the route you take. At least two tickets, no way you can reserve them all in one go.
Brussels - Budapest by car: around 13 hours

Comment Re:Tip for those wanting fee refunds (Score 1) 216

True. However, a nice word now and then helps (or you can start by being polite). Remember, those people probably only hear people screaming obscenities (so to speak) at the phone or in their office. I'm not saying you should chat them up, but talking with two words( a rather arcane concept for some people) and a thank you now and then goes a long way.

(i'm not saying you don't act that way, but lots of people don't)

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