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Journal TheConfusedOne's Journal: Realists vs Reality 5

James Baker and the whole Iraq Study Group are a confirmed collection of idiots. They want us to go off and ask Iran if they'll help us stabilize Iraq.

I think we've already gotten Iran's reply.

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Realists vs Reality

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  • It is USian disnfo to justify an unprovoked agression against Iran. You will see lots more like this in the next three months.

    Don't take the brainwashing, just because it's free.
    • The public comment of Ahmedinejad are enough to dispel anyone's thought/hope that Iran would be in the least bit interested in helping out in Iraq.

      We've already captured Iranian intelligence and military officers in Iraq and proven that many of the new high-tech IED shaped charge explosives are being manufactured in Iran.
      • Ahmadinejad never said what is attributed to him. Find a Persian speaker to verify the exact wording.

        When the "experts" on this are provided by the Washington Center for Near East Policy Studies [], you are the recipient of American domestic PsyOps.

        Also, study the structure of the Iranian government. Ahmadinijad is capable of nothing but blowing air. He cannot direct the Majles (Parliament) and is opposed by the Council of Gurdians, and by the "Supreme Leader".

        This is the tip of a US proxy war against oth t
        • You and Marxist Hacker should have a talk-a-thon. See who can out banal the other.
        • You're talking to a ditto head there. And as you can see by his response, well, he can't...thus the silly remarks instead. No different than talking to a high school jock. "Go Simi Valley Mountain High!" You will get nowhere with the FOX parrots. Expose them to logic and get that just priceless blank stare before they break out into some kind of chant. The reaction shot is always worth it. Funny how I am reminded of the Rostenkowski supporters reciting how he's "good for Chicago" when you try to get him vot

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