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Comment Re: Positive feedback? (Score 1) 311

There are several reasons. I've read and you can google it, that one reason of increased autism rates is because people are waiting to get married, and usually find a mate in their career or field. So a lot of these people are marrying other intelligent people that probably have low level aspergers or other autistic genes which leads to more autistic kids. I have also recently read a study linking low iron to autism in babies, so older people having kids are absorbing less vitamins in general and probably eating poorly (just working people problems) and not getting enough nutrients. Combine smart working older people that have no time to cook and eat healthily and you get a boost in autism. There's also the fact that autism is ridiculously broad nowadays to add in more people now being diagnosed as well.

Comment Re:Um.. what does any of your post mean? (Score 1) 119

If you don't know what his last comment is about then you haven't followed US news for a year. BLM and other movements were saying "Hands up, don't shoot" because that was what the news reported happened when Michael Brown was killed. Except it didn't happen. There was also some rioting about the shooting during this time. The truth came out that he never said or did that and in fact attacked the officer. That fake news spread quickly and kept momentum, and it was "lefty fake news".

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