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Comment Re:Clickbait troll much? (Score 1) 629

Skin cancer I don't think should disqualify you, it doesn't shut your brain down. The issue isn't whether or not Hillary will die in office, that's why we also elect a VP, but if she could make command decisions without her full faculties and lead us somewhere dangerous that people around her somehow don't realize is her brain failing for whatever reason.

Comment I've always thought this (Score 4, Interesting) 145

When watching ST I always figured there were more than enough lines for her to be the computer forever in the series and the movies. Some people talk about it being morbid or creepy, but I think it's more of a tribute to her. We don't see her as replaceable even in death. My mom was always excited when she was on the shows as Lwaxana Troi and would always comment that she was Gene's wife and that she was the nurse on TOS. I doubt she could be a Siri or Cortana type assistant due to the words/products we use in speech that were never said by her and I don't think they recorder her just making phonetic sounds to combine into every word imaginable, but I would love to hear her on Star Trek again.

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