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Comment Re: Switching to Sonic as fast as my contract expi (Score 1) 95

Could be both, most satisfied people never fill out surveys or reviews. Companies have been known to get people to complain about competitors. Did you read the reviews to see why they're complaining, that's what I've taken to doing on every site with reviews. 5 stars "It works", means 3 stars to me. 1 star with a "It came late but works fine," is a 3 star with a shipping problem. 1 Star, "It doesn't work with my iPhone", when the description says android only is a meaningless review.

Comment Re:We have a huge deficit (Score 1) 903

That's dumb, I get taxed and see zero federal and zero state benefits. I'm in the 50s for income, taxed with almost no deductions. Anything I want or need from the government I have to pay for separately. I personally get zero benefit. I donate separately to my volunteer fire dept, I never call the cops anymore after they completely ignored my hit and run call, I don't use and never qualify for any social services, I pay a gas tax separately for road maintenance, and I'm not in public school. I don't benefit from any of the gov (state or fed) payrolls, their healthcare, their subsidies to companies, etc.

Comment Phone tag means no one wants to talk to you (Score 1) 303

' "When you're playing phone tag with someone is quite different than when you're sitting next to someone and can pop up behind them and ask them a question," Peluso says.' No wants to talk to Peluso, clearly by the pop up behind them and ask question statement we can all hate her together.

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