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Comment Re:Too expensive (Score 1) 80

They get home between 3:30-6pm usually, TV primetime goes to 11, so easily someone turning on the TV when they get home, eating dinner in front of the TV and playing on their phone, tablet or laptop in front of the TV will easily hit that. If you catch 15-30 min of weather and news in the morning it's even easier, then you might have a TV in your work's break room, so another 30 min and you start wondering how a lot of people watch so little.

Comment Re:So strange (Score 1) 62

A lot of my friends fall into the "have no money" millennial character, you know what though, they have plenty of money, but they usually spend it on their cell phones, eating out, alcohol, and weed. Of course you have no money when you spend 50% of your income on entertainment.

Comment Re:and yet... (Score 1) 418

Those countries, at least most weren't founded with democracy or converted more to it recently. They're also able to obtain IDs for free. And public transportation exists. Mexicans should not be able to get IDs to vote, since they aren't Americans. Poor rural black and white people lack money and transportation to get to the limited number of DMVs. Older people often don't have proof of birth, name changes through marriage and other common problems when getting an ID. Voter ID laws have been shown to disproportionately affect minorities, especially black people. While poor people are universally affected by voter ID laws.

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