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Comment Phone tag means no one wants to talk to you (Score 1) 300

' "When you're playing phone tag with someone is quite different than when you're sitting next to someone and can pop up behind them and ask them a question," Peluso says.' No wants to talk to Peluso, clearly by the pop up behind them and ask question statement we can all hate her together.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1149

Well your logic falls apart there since no one is saying the government and military need to turn all of our guns in as well. Guns make the weak stronger, most people wouldn't listen to cops if they didn't have the threat of force. And a literal countless number of people would be worse off from home invasions and muggings and violence without guns to protect them. I'd give up guns if all the police and all the military gave theirs up. But I'm secure in knowing that will never happen.

Comment Re:Is this the internet? (Score 1) 53

I literally don't see many Android phones though. I'm not the guy you replied to, but my office uses iPhones, almost everyone here has a personal iPhone. When I had a windows phone, the Lumia 1520 I stood out since it was super huge and had the tiles. In my personal life I come across many people using older iPhones instead of using Androids. I know a couple of people with Samsung Edge phones, but it seems to be a rarity. But your numbers are world wide, not US.

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