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Submission + - MBTA passengers can't be trusted

TheCarp writes: "I was on my way home from work today using the good ole MBTA. I saw my bus come, and the line form, and then I saw something quite shocking; a sign declaring "This Bus is equipped with a security system". Sure enough there was a camera on the top outside of the door, one pointing down the length of the bus, two at right angles crossing by the back door, and another in the back. There was virtually nowhere to go and not be video taped. Of course, with all the upgrades recently, I don't remember any mention of this decision. Apparently its not enough that we listen to ineffectual "please to report unattented bags and suspicous activity" announcements; Now the week after they nearly doubled the fares, there are cameras on the busses! I don't know if this bothers anyone else, but with all the stories of England and their cameras, it worries me that we have more than started down the path to a police state. I just filed a complaint through their comments page"

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