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Comment Re:God damn Republicans (Score 1) 624

It was never about Communism, nor the Nazis (only involved because our asses got attacked). Capitalism has always been about the perversion of Democracy using the guise of $$ to take your rights. I just moved back East, after 10 years in the Midwest. I laughed at the dirt poor folks at the farm store bitching about "Democrats". Here I laugh at the liberal "I think I'm Smart & Cool" set (read:Hipsters) bitching about Republicans.

It's all a scam folks - doesn't matter who runs the show. If the ones in power (corporations - who have been VERY adept at paying our "elected" officials to erode almost every labor right) want to take your freedoms - they can and will.

I say hang 'em all - treason against the Republic.

Comment I smell failure... (Score 1) 375

No, I have no love for M$ - but I understand the importance of it (software) in the business and consumer market. But the 1st thing that comes to mind in the Enterprise is:

1. Business will not deploy it

2. Only tablet or touch screen use in the consumer market

Why? Business will lockout the "Metro" interface, and just load the "desktop app" - at processor & memory cost - which in an Enterprise = lotsa $$

The consumer who still thinks of a PC a a traditional Windows desktop w/ traditional menus and apps will be turned off, because their new shiny toy will get crap performance w/o TONs of memory and horsepower. Because they'll want a desktop.

Dedicated OS's for dedicated devices guys - it just works better. less code = more harmony.

Comment A Hypervizor IS AN OS (Score 1) 330

What a tool. And VMing it's where it's at. Get over it, or go play with your P1 RHEL box that is slower than my grandpa pooping. _ Disclaimer - I make a living, and a damn good one, implementing storage / virtualization. I won't back down from advocating more efficient use of computing power / resources either. I do it at work, I do it at home (VM templates work great w/ haphazard kids & family). Let's VM Linus!

Comment I'm sorry... (Score 1) 440

But fuck you - the american$ I gave much of my life to server and defend. These events are why I try to beat sense into everyone around me: The devices you carry, what you do, EVERYTHING, your transactions - it's all there. And you America - you give it up for an iPud and a handjob from Google. Enjoy your fucking toys...

Comment "Now that it's finally here"...? (Score 4, Informative) 127

Really? Have had mine for 8 months... And all of you haters - USE ONE. Really. Please try before you comment on it - about it's limitations, it's unsuitability, it's not good for daily tasks, etc... Maybe it's because I don't play WoW or some shit in my parents basement - but for what I do, email, surfing, music - it's perfect. Instant on, and iPad battery life (the cr-48 anyways). And free wireless for 2 years? Even at a paltry 100MB/month - perfect for when the bloodsuckers known as PEPCO or Comcast go down. Just enough web use for emergency usage. And it tethers to my phone just peachy. It DOES have local storage, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. Just get r00t, weenies... Most of all - it's WIP folks. My cr-48 updates constantly (reboots faster than you can blink) and it's been neat to see it evolve - rapidly - over just 8 months.

Comment Not Apples to apples he he (Score 2) 264

Stupid joke aside, I own multiple iOS devices (wife & I have iPads) and have had several Android devices (Evo, currently G2, son has a myTouch) and a 7" Sammy tablet - now that was Froyo, but I returned it in 2 days because it was like a bigger, crappier version of my Evo (which had gingerbread on it at the time). I have not tried a Honeycomb or 3.1 device, optimized for the tablet - and don't know if I will anytime soon. The application support is just too deep on iOS for the iPad. Not much for tablet optimized applications for Android, and I doubt it will catch up. Too much HW fragmentation, on the phones and tabs. I'm not a huge fan of the lock in (I see no need to jailbreak my iOS devices, can't resist getting root on Android - why???) but it has obvious benefits to the consumer from a consistency perspective. I know what I'm getting for the money with iOS - with Android on tablets I just don't yet. Funny that they are taking a different approach with ChromeOS - the new machines are identical spec (yes, built "shinier") to my cr-48 (don't knock it unless you have one - I can do 90% of what I personally use a lappy for on it - and ChromeOS gets better constantly).

Comment Re:The relevant bits (Score 1) 434

REALLY? No CLI on a modern OS? I'm not a CLI elitist by any means, but get real. GUIs break more shit, slow shit down, and cause more problems and attack vectors. I'll stick to the CLI and leave you your eye candy, sluggishness, and botnets. NEVER need CLI on a modern OS? It's how the REAL knowledgeable people fix YOUR BROKEN SHIT. Takes more time to do work? Get real. And fuck your real desktops, says my ChromeOS driven box. With CLI, thank you...

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