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Comment Here's the problem (Score 1) 475

Depending on which news network you check depends on what you are told... At this point I feel the major news media is covering up the fact he was contagious since Wednesday of last week by either saying his symptoms started later or that he has been in the hospital since Sunday.
The person arrived here on the 20th. I have read some articles saying he started showing symptoms on Wednesday Sept 24th and that he went to the Hospital (the same hospital that has been readying itself to handle Ebola) he was then sent home with Antibiotics. He then came back several days later VIA ambulance because his condition worsened.
“After arriving in the U.S. on Sept. 20, the man began to develop symptoms last Wednesday and initially sought care two days later. But he was released. At the time, hospital officials did not know he had been in West Africa. He returned later as his condition worsened.”

Failure 1: They never asked him and he never divulged he was from Liberia?
Failure 2: They misdiagnosed the issue as a common cold or bacteria infection.
Failure 3: will they really be able to trace everyone if he went somewhere in public while showing symptoms (he must have gone somewhere to get the antibiotic prescription filled, how many people in CVS, Rite-Aid etc. got exposed?)

Failure 4: They are assuming he will divulge even people who may be here illegally living with his friends or family. Most likely these people will not seek medical treatment nor be reported for fear of deportation they may finally report to the hospital when critically ill but in the interim they are an exposure risk to the general public.
Failure 5: The hospital was not using any Tyvex suits, booties, face masks, etc when treating this patient on Friday. They were using no EBOLA precautions. This article from the New York Times also contradicts completely the BS being spread through NBC news that just washing your hands will prevent contracting Ebola. Two problems with that are that washing your hands will not stop ebola if you came in contact with infected fluids or someone with ebola you can’t just wash it off. Secondly this study here proves americans do not wash their hands enough
Here is the CDC recommendations to the hospitals which this hospital DID NOT FOLLOW until the patient came back

The CDC list was revised after the doctors below spoke out about the initial precautions CDC recommended which were gloves and paper mask!

“But Dr. Michael V. Callahan, an infectious disease specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital who has worked in Africa during Ebola outbreaks, does not think it is wrong for hospitals to opt for more protective equipment.
The minimal precautions recommended by the C.D.C. “led to the infection of my nurses and physician co-workers who came in contact with body fluids,” Dr. Callahan said. “I understand the desire to maintain absolute protection in U.S. hospitals.”
Dr. Justin Fairless, an emergency physician in Tulsa, Okla., said that health care workers in Africa “are wearing the highest level of protection, but the C.D.C. recommendation lets us go down to the lowest level of protection.”
Dr. Fairless is considering buying his own air-purifying respirator to pair with a head-to-toe coverall. “I am not comfortable going to see an Ebola patient wearing a paper mask that doesn’t cover my entire face,”

After the article CDC recently revised their recommendations to this:

Failure 6: No Quick care facility is going to be ready to deal with this and will most likely treat a patient with antibiotics and send them on their way. No quick care facility or other for profit private doctors office or franchised health care centers are going to spend the money on the CDC recommended Personal Protection Equipment.

Failure 7: If this person dies there is no procedure or facility in place to handle the deceased as the bodies are highly infectious.

Failure 8: It was already stated several days ago NO HOSPITAL CAN DEAL WITH THE WASTE GENERATED FROM EBOLA INFECTED PATIENTS. So all the sheets, gowns, gloves, masks etc. they have no way to dispose of properly without exposing someone else presently.

“Many US hospitals are unaware of the regulatory snafu, which experts say could threaten their ability to treat any person who develops Ebola in the US after coming from an infected region. It can take as long as 21 days to develop Ebola symptoms after exposure.
The issue created problems for Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, the first institution to care for Ebola patients here. As Emory was treating two US missionaries who were evacuated from West Africa in August, their waste hauler, Stericycle, initially refused to handle it. Stericycle declined comment.
Ebola symptoms can include copious amounts of vomiting and diarrhea, and nurses and doctors at Emory donned full hazmat suits to protect themselves. Bags of waste quickly began to pile up.
“At its peak, we were up to 40 bags a day of medical waste, which took a huge tax on our waste management system,” Emory’s Dr Aneesh Mehta told colleagues at a medical meeting earlier this month.
Emory sent staff to Home Depot to buy as many 32-gallon rubber waste containers with lids that they could get their hands on. Emory kept the waste in a special containment area for six days until its Atlanta neighbor, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, helped broker an agreement with Stericycle.”

This was my biggest concern and continues to be with D68 Enterovirus spreading through the US, Seasonal Allergies and we are heading into Influenza season all of which share the SAME initial symptoms as Ebola. It is obvious their is cause for concern of confusion considering the only thing that changes treatment is where the patient is from (this does not address if the person seeking medical treatment may be a US born person of Liberian descent and had secondary contact with an infected individual.) So the questioning of where you come from is only good for screening direct infections from other countries. IT IS OBVIOUS THIS IS AN ISSUE AS THE HOSPITAL THAT IS READY TO HANDLE EBOLA TREATED THE PERSON WITH ANTIBIOTICS AND LET THEM GO meanwhile they were infectious the entire time they were in the hospital with no one taking Ebola precautions.

Contagious period:
As soon as you show symptoms you are contagious, everyone thinks this is like a light switch where suddenly you go from 98.6 to 101 fever instantaneously. I don't know of any cold, infection or otherwise that doesn't "ramp up" in other words the minute you hit 98.7, 98,8, 98,9 99.0, 99.1, 99.2 you are contagious. Most people aren't going to recognize a fever until they are running at least 1 degree higher then their normal temperature. Some people may not notice a fever until its 2 or 3 degrees higher which could be hours or a day later in the meantime they are CONTAGIOUS. This also means their body fluids are carrying the virus. The problem is NO ONE has released any solid scientific information on when body fluids carry the virus. It is not a light switch meaning their fluids must be contagious as soon as the symptoms kick off but the symptoms could go unnoticed for hours or a few days depending on the individual and symptoms. Not everyone will have a fever first some might have a sore throat (oh its just my allergies), headache (oh must be stress or allergies), cough (must be allergies).

Also it may not be contagious by air but no one is talking about it being aerosolized (coughing while infected) is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS

I have seen information saying the virus can live outside the body up to anywhere between 2 to 7 days and possibly longer depending on if it urine, feces, blood and if it is cooled or higher humidity, the cooler it is or the higher humidity the longer it is infectious. It can be indefinitely infectious if dried through sublimation.

1 milliliter of blood contains 1 million infectious particles.
“a milliliter of blood typically carries about a million infectious particles. And in a controlled lab, just a small drop of blood from an infected monkey can be strong enough to kill a million of its companions, Schmaljohn says.”

“A drop of blood can remain contagious outside the body. And virus particles can survive for days or weeks, depending on the environment. Ultraviolet light, heat and exposure to oxygen gradually deactivate the virus, while cooler temperatures and humidity help keep it active.”



Given the above I dare anyone to go to a public restroom and watch people go in and out of the bathroom and think about contact points. I recently went to an outdoor concert venue held at a theme park and I can tell you all the drunk guys pissed all over the floor there was about ¼” of urine across the entire floor of the large bathroom building that everyone was walking through. If one ebola infected person being contagious was in that bathroom and missed the toilet everyone would be exposed and their would be no way to track it all. The hand dryers in the bathroom would aerosolize it as well.

If you go into a stall and do your business when you touch that handle you soil it
After using the restroom you use your soiled hands to flush the toilet
After using the restroom you use your soiled hands to get soap out of the dispenser
After using the restroom you use your soiled hands to turn on the faucet and then use your clean hands to turn it off. You then use the HAND DRIER which AERSOLIZES THE WATER which would mean it would aerosolize virus particles as well if you had any on your hands. Then you touch the door handle or push plate that all the other people did that used the bathroom and did not wash their hands.
This happens in hospitals, airports, concerts, malls and retail outlets across the whole US.

Also to note MOST PEOPLE Just run their hands under water for 10 seconds or less and then walk out or dry their hands without the soap bacteria and virus is still present. Thereby drying your hands without washing with soap would aerosolize virus particles.



Submission + - One Windows to rule them all ( 1

MrSeb writes: "As far back as the late ’80s, Bill Gates has floated the idea of “Windows Everywhere.” The idea, as you can probably guess, is to put a Windows operating system on any and all devices with a CPU somewhere under the hood. At the New York PC Expo in 1997, on the back of Windows CE 1.0 — a cut-down ARM version of Windows for embedded devices — Steve Ballmer expounded on Gates’ Windows Everywhere vision, extolling the virtues of “softer software, the notion that software will adapt and shape and customize itself to you,” and a toolchain that would allow developers to run their Windows apps on any Windows computer. At the time, pundits and journalists laughed at the idea. Now, however, with news that Windows Phone 8 will use the Windows 8 NT kernel, the Windows Everywhere dream might just come true. With the flip of a switch, Windows 8 apps can be ported to Windows Phone 8. Full DirectX support in WP8 means that it'll be easy to port PC games to WP8, too. Finally, there's the tantalizing possibility that the Xbox 720 will also use the Windows 8 kernel, and thus a unified Windows Store across PC, phone, and console. Windows everywhere!"

Comment In the future you will OWN NOTHING! (Score 1) 390

This is EXACTLY what every media company wants. This is EXACTLY what every corporation wants

Take away the media and use the allure of convenience and simplicity to groom everyone that did not grow up with tapes, records and CD's to feel it is normal to Rent, Lease or never own any content that is distributed by media companies. The generations now are being groomed for a toss away, rent, lease away lifestyle. A lifestyle of everything saved in the cloud so they are protected against data loss without any awareness of privacy issues or even further rights over their data. A generation that has no idea that it is not normal to just rent everything and that the money you work for should be used to purchase real tangible items. The generation coming up now has no understanding of differentiation between tangible and non tangible items.

This everything is rented/leased and never owned model is where everything is heading towards eventually because it ensures a perpetual revenue stream for multimillion dollar corporations.

Senior Living Communities - Pack everyone into a center that offers minimal assistance with the illusion of living independent. You end up surrendering your life savings to live in one of these paying 4x what you would for a rather large home and you don't own it. You don't pay and your out. You build no equity and yet pay out $1,200.00 a month or more...most around here are $2,000.00 a month!

Video Games - Ubisoft is already doing this and others will follow suit, you will have one time use DLC codes that basically make the game worthless without one. Thereby the game disc becomes nothing more then a loader and the actual content is all DRM'd downloads.

New and used home sales are in the dumps still due to the economy - rentals are the future its attractive to investors who form LLP or LLC management companies as it is a consistent revenue stream and rent be adjusted based on economy. Banks would be better insured by providing loans to these then hundreds of individual borrowers.

Streaming Music - Pay a subscription

Data Plan - Pay for a subscription and you need it to be in the "in" group and stay in touch on FB, Twitter etc which are all media advertising platforms. No one would have ever accepted paying $100.00 or more per month for cellular service back 10 years ago before all the smart phones. The funny thing is the more connected by phones and "social networks" people become the more disconnected they become from their family and friends in real life.

Pay Per View - Eventually all major sports go to blackouts and you will have to have a subscription or Pay Per View as they make more direct money this way then through advertisers. They then offer special discounts on NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA merchandise for being a subscriber.

Movies won't be on DVD or Blu Ray everything will be streaming media

It will be just like in the movie Vendetta owning anything on physical media will be a crime as all recording devices will be DRM'd with licenses burned into the discs making the useless.


Submission + - NYC's Trash-Sucking Tubes May Be Upgraded, Expanded (

derekmead writes: When urban planners were trying to turn New York’s Roosevelt Island from a haven for the disabled and the mentally ill into a liveable city, they gotutopian. Lying beneath their plans was an unusual technology: a series of tubes that literallysuck garbage from buildingsat speeds up to 60 miles per hour to a central collection point, where the trash is taken off the island by truck or barge. Theoretically, that eliminates the emissions and traffic caused by giant garbage trucks, and makes trash sorting easier.

Now, more than thirty years after the “AVAC,” or Automated Vacuum Collection System, was installed, Envac, the Swedish company that built it, is exploring how to upgrade it and even extend the system to other parts of the city. Under a new feasibilitystudyconducted by City University and funded by two city agencies, the easiest option would be to stretch the current system south, to cover the new technology campuses being built on Roosevelt Island by Cornell University and the Technion.

Other potential trash tube candidates include the Coney Island boardwalk, in a new housing development there, and near Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. There, according to Envac’s new proposal, the tubes could ride underneath the infrastructure of the High Line, the hip railway-cum-park that floats along the neighborhood’s increasingly hip river-side edge.

Comment Life copies art... (Score 1) 421

Sounds just like the movie Runaway... Then I started thinking how many other things out there have copied movies...

DARPA is working on cloaking technology like the Predator & Star Trek (someone from DARPA actually called the movie studio in 1986 to ask how they made the predator invisible, apparently the person calling from DARPA didn't know much about Hollywood Special FX

MIT & DARPA - Remote controlled bugs like the dragonfly in Lexx

DARPA, Air Force, South Korea & Others Drones & Robots Like Deal of the Century, Robocop's ED209,

XBox Kinect - Minority Report Computer Interface

Gecko Robot & Wall Climbing - Spiderman

If life keeps copying art we're all in deep s**t! Who's looking forward to our robot overlords ?

Comment Sometime in the future... Hey bro! (Score -1, Troll) 129

Sometime in the future.......

Guy1: "Hey Bro I just got these cool upgrades, I got a LCD in my chest to personalize with my animations and stuff, some cool 20 digit fingers so can wail on my 18 string guitar, and my heart is now supercharged so I can perform better in next weeks football game"

Guy2: "Dude thats so cool... So did you go with Microsoft, Linux, or Apple Bionic Operating System?"

Guy1: (suddenly falls on the ground) on his LCD it reads "Were sorry a Fatal Exception Has Occured 0x000007B inaccessible Boot Device" please restart Windows Bionic and try again if this message reappears contact your nearest bionic manufacturer".

Guy2: That answers that... will the noobs ever learn? Pros don't use Windoze!

Comment Karma is B*tch (Score 5, Informative) 190

Once George Eastman died Kodak began its death knell...

Kodak for many years was not profitable the big trend in the 1990's was to Layoff and fire a bunch of fulltime workers in the 3rd and 4th quaters right around July & August (just in time to save on paying out vacation pay) and then again around November to December up to 1 week before Christmas. I know this because I watched peoples parents who worked 15, 20, 25, and 30 years at the company get pink slips for no reason. Then right after the new year 1st quater they would bring in thousands of temp workers to backfill those jobs. Meanwhile this made their stock float and made them look profitable since a company profits are determined by sales - costs . So by lessing the payroll they more or less fudged their profitability for years. Look back at all the layoff annoucements they always happened in the 3rd and 4th quaters of the year just in time to give the stock a bounce in the new year.

Additionally Kodak workers in the Rochester are were very loyal they bought only Kodak Cameras and anything else that was Kodak. Years ago they had employee suggestion boxes where if employees made a suggestion that benefitted the company, a refinement to an assembly line, a better way to product something, a new product an employee could write in the suggestions and in turn if it helped make the company more money by cutting costs or creating new streams of revenue the employee would see a percentage bonus in their pay based on the amount of money that idea generated. I know many people whos parents and grandparents got monetary awards from this program. However by the 1990's Kodak managers would just take your ideas as theirs and the monetary award system was ended. They became greedy

Also over the years within a few square miles of Kodak Park was a cluster of kids coming down with rare cancers, This is also a MUST READ

in this same area people were reporting strange odors, animals becoming sick and dying, weird residue on their cars and homes, and odd fluids seeping up in their basements. One of the famous areas was Rand Street. Kodak was sued and they ended up paying out an undisclosed amount to owners of some of the Rand Street Homes. Kodak was sued multiple times for illegal dumping, fined multiple times by the EPA for being out of compliance with their factory exaust stacks. However the EPA was up and down with them while they went against them on some things they backed them on others. It wasnt until the 1990's the EPA started cracking down on them. Prior to that they turned a blind eye to what they were doing.

However they still continued to pollute the rochester region. Eastman Chemical which was part of Kodak until spun off had experimental chemicals inside of it that no one even know what they would do if they ever escaped the drums they were being stored in and because they were deemed "experimental" they did not have the same precautions and established handling procedures as known chemicals which carry MSDS sheets etc. Toulene, Benze, TCE you name it they had it.

The management became a complete joke you had managers managing managers, managing managers they made the same mistake that Xerox did. Too many inexperienced or burned out chiefs and not enough Indians. The 1990s caused part of this issue with the EOE b.s. many times fully qualified caucasian workers were passed up for job promotions, management positions and so forth especially males. If you were Latino, African American, or Asian or had a certain sexual preference you would get promoted to the top in no time even if you didn't knw how to do the job or have a college background or experience in it. Xerox did the same thing. They were both paranoid of discrimination lawsuits. So they would hire any non white male to fill a management position which has obviously turned out to be disaterous for both companies. They were out to prove they were a diverse workplace.

Then came the final straw between firing everyone possible that was a long timer to save money mind you not because of job performance issues. They then produced inferior products with little quaity control. Anyone that worked with the old Disc Cameras will tell you what a piece of crap those were, they jammed, would double expose and advance through half the disc for no reason. Then of course they were sitting on their laurels just like Xerox did which in Xerox's case let Heidlberg become a huge force to be rekoned with (funny part is they put in a main office in the old Elmgrove Kodak Facility. Kodak missed the boat on digital imaging they became irrelvant in the digital world.

They sold off all of their Elmgrove road plant, have demolished multiple buildings at Kodak Park and everywhere they have been is listed as NYS Superfund cleanup site.

At this point I don't feel sorry for them after what they have done to the Rochester community, what they have done to the environment. I only feel sorry for the people that dedicated their entire lives there and took pride in their work and will now be getting reduced benefits and possible no health insurance at all.


Submission + - 'Flapless' Aircraft Steered by Air Bursts (

disco_tracy writes: The movable parts of an aircraft's wings and tail — the flaps — have been used to control it since the Wright brothers first took flight. Until now. Engineers have developed flapless flight by using bursts of air to control an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) they call DEMON. The research will lead to UAVs that are safer, more maneuverable and more stealthy.

Comment Think About it Long and Hard (Score 1) 1788

The core dems really have no representation just like the core republicans. Obama is extremely liberal so the left loves him and the core dems are almost split down the middle between him and McCain

The core republicans do not like McCain and consider Hillary better then McCain however if Obama is the dems choice for the general election the republicans will certainly fall in line with McCain whereas there could be a huge defection of core conservatives to the Dems side with Hillary being the front candidate thereby strengthening the democratic party. Obama is ruining that possibility and making the dems much more leftist and liberal and weaker as a party. So in affect he is destroying the party and so is all of his supporters. But he nor his supporters will see it because everyone has been blinded by the dog and pony show that he is and his ever reminiscent MLK words of hope and change.

A candidate needs to reach across the ailes

McCain can reach to core dems and far right republicans

Hillary can reach to core conseratives and almost all dems

Obama can only reach to the liberals and part of the core dems

Without being able to reach across party lines he surely will not win. He will have to have Hillary on his ticket to pull in more core dems otherwise expect McCain to win by 67% or higher in the general election. By contrast If Hillary were to run as president on the she would get 10 - 30% of the republican vote and 40 to 45% core dem vote. Putting her at 55% - 75% in the general. Hillary has the swing states Obama does not the swing states have always determined the presidency! Obama without Hillary will probably get 45% of the dem vote providing he has the support of the newly registered voters and the african american support as he had in the primary.

A president himself cannot change the world and if people do not support his change nothing changes so everyone needs to have a reality check. Really the left needs to have there own party at this point because they have gone too far left and are pulling the rest of the party with them.

There should be 3 parties in my opinion as the core dems and the true conservatives actually have sense and sensibility and really have no true representation with either Obama or McCain or the parties they represent. The far right and far left are all about fanaticism that blindly leads them with emotional drive versus intelligent, analytical drive. The far right is power hungry the far left is feel good hungry neither one of these represent a stable state of thought it is emotional drive all the way. The proof is in the pudding as every far left supporters reason for electing Obama is "He inspires me" that is a FEELING not a fact.

If Obama gets elected as president and screws up the dems will never see another White House bid for years and any upcoming house and senate elections will end up with the republicans getting back those seats because all the ticked off core democrats that were not heard and forgotten will be voting for the republicans to take back over since the dems can't seem to get anything right. I am sure he has a lot of skeletons in his closet that still have yet to see the light of day and you can bet the republicans are already arming that battleship

Feed When It Comes To IT, There Shouldn't Be A Conflict Between Efficiency And The En (

Speaking at a conference, an analyst at Gartner prodded the IT industry to take the environment more seriously, as he noted that information and communication technology contributes as much carbon dioxide as the airline industry does. This has become a pretty big topic of late, as many companies have announced measures to reduce their environmental footprint, while funding for green technology has soared. Still, the analyst's concern seems a little bit misplaced. It's totally meaningless to say that IT produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as airplanes, since IT is a much bigger component of the overall economy, as evidenced by the relative size of IT firms and airlines. Also, this ignores the fact that the whole point of IT is to make things more efficient. You can't talk about the resources a piece of technology uses up without talking about the resources that it saves. The real problem is that by fretting about the industry's power consumption, it assumes that this is not already an issue being taken seriously. Environmental concerns notwithstanding, companies have always been interested in ways to reduce their electricity bill. The key thing to recognize is that the goals of reducing environmental impact and becoming more efficient not only go hand in hand, they're basically the same thing.

Submission + - Linux 2.6.21 unleashed on unsuspecting world

jd writes: "The news is out. And so is 2.6.21. This time, the kernel adds tickless time, a VMWare-friendly virtualization system, a much-enhanced KVM, better PS3 support, IPv6 NFS, IPv4-IPv6 IPSec tunneling, UFS2 write support, kprobes for PPC32, kexec and oprofile for ARM, public key encription for ecryptfs, Fcrypt and Camilla cipher algorithms, NAT port randomization, audit lockdown mode, many new drivers, many platform-specific enhancements and many other small improvements. Mirrors should be killed humanely."

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