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Comment Re:You can't (Score 1) 112

People are members of more than one team at any given time. We have project teams and we have discipline/community teams (e.g. a .NET developer team, a JVM developer team, an architect team, a BA team etc.) and each is used for the purposes that make sense such as managing training, pay and performance across all of the comparable developers instead of a single project team.

Comment Re:You can't (Score 1) 112

As someone who works in such a team, I generally agree. We have a hierarchical reviewer/reviewee structure that allows us to manage performance reviews in a reasonable (if enormously time-consuming) way and enough communication methods to create a sense of community for those willing to get involved but trying to impose common tooling, processes and standards across close to 100 developers working in different locations on different projects for different customers with different attitudes and requirements is like trying to herd cats by standing still and asking them nicely to get in the corner, please. We have a team "ethos" but anything less abstract is defined by each project.

Comment The Somebody Else's Problem Field (Score 2) 179

It's probably unrelated but my Nexus 9 went into a terminal boot loop this week (it was lagging severely and taking 10 minutes to boot beforehand so I suspect a memory or CPU issue). I just find it amusing that Google are putting this on the manufacturer because when I complained to HTC they told me to go talk to Google instead. Fortunately since it's fairly new and UK law is very clear about responsibility I can go to the retailer instead of playing customer support ping-pong.

Comment Does it claim to encrypt files? (Score 1) 277

Nowhere in the app's description could I see where it claim to encrypt files. It does say that it encrypts SMS and message alerts but aside from that the term used is "camouflage" (which this does to some extent by moving files and obfuscating magic numbers and other file headers so they take some small effort to open). Maybe they've changed the app description since this was announced but otherwise ninjadoge24 is essentially complaining that this software doesn't live up to his/her assumptions.

Comment Re:Hardly allegedly (Score 5, Interesting) 248

Not allegedly at all. My new Y50 (3 weeks old) came with Superfish pre-installed, phoney root certificates and all. Luckily I've encountered Superfish before when they were trying to insinuate themselves into every extension they could on the Chrome Web Store so it was easy to spot and obliterate.

Comment The Law or the Implementation? (Score 1) 329

The ORG surveyed ISPs on what they will be implementing rather than what the government is asking them to do which (and I think this sets a far more worrying precedent) is not subject to public scrutiny and, given the lack of information even from 'rebel' ISPs, may well be classified under the Official Secrets Act as it is in Australia.

Comment Re:That's great (Score 1) 230

Considering how many on-line references there are for music lyrics, old games and movies it would be very difficult for any moderately popular work to become orphan. Stripping meta-data off, say, an MP3 of Wonderwall by Oasis wouldn't make it suddenly unidentifiable. Nor would removing the credit sequence at the end of Blade Runner.

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