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The Fake Baby Fad 13

An increasing number of childless women are taking fake babies to the park, out to eat, and even hosting birthday parties for them. Forty-nine-year-old Linda is married with no children of her own. Now, she says she feels like a mother because she has Reborns -- dolls made to look and feel like the real thing. Women interested in this "hobby" can spend a few hundred bucks to over a thousand on the faux infants. The owner of Reborn, Lachelle Moore, offers this unintentionally chilling line, "What's so wonderful about Reborns is that, um, they're forever babies."

Comment Re:Stay away from Bestec (Score 1) 223

Come to think of it, I agree. I remember being surprised to see the 100W rating on mine, and doing some quick math on the power demands of the computer. It was all so disappointing.

The PSU is still useable for hobby use as a steady voltage source, but I'm not sure if it would be ok to place back into a computer.

Comment Stay away from Bestec (Score 1) 223

I've noticed a few computers that had a Bestec PSU fry their motherboard. I'm not sure if they're sold stand-alone, but they used to be found in HP and eMachines.
Granted, they might have been vastly underrated for upgrades, but still, two machines! That has to be, like, common?

*shrug* It's soured me on the brand, and pre-built computers, at least.

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