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Comment Re:Another day (Score 2) 116

THISTHISTHISTHISTHISTHIS. Gave up with Ubuntu after every single fecking update broke something. If it's not sound, it's graphics. if it's neither, then there's some other obscure piece of hardware, such as the parallel interface or the USB ports. Users want a stable API/ABI, not something that's going to change in 3 weeks. Why do you think Windows has been so successful since Win95. Because everything works. It might be an unreliable and unsafe heap of turd, but it'll run my back catalog of applications, which quite often may have cost more than the machine running it.

Comment Re:Another day (Score 1) 116

Most people prefer Coke over Pepsi. Doesn't mean that everyone in the world has drunk both and can make an informed choice. Just means the ones who have tried one or the other prefer Coke. Maybe "I don't want straight Ubuntu. I want Mint. So do many other users of Debian-based GNU/Linux Operating Systems." would have been a better choice of words for you grammar nazis out there. I

Comment "Atomic" clocks in steel-framed buildings (Score 1) 291

My father worked in the new (and fancy) Lifeboat College in Poole, UK. Plagued by many design flaws (including direct line-of-sight from a corridor into a ladies cubicle via "architectural" windows), the steel beams that make up the structure partially blocks the timekeeping signal to the large deployment of time-syncing clocks. This makes for an amusing sight around noon, where all the clocks in the building would try to sync with the weak signal, and do many rotations round the clock face when the signal dropped out.

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