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Comment hyberbole (Score 1) 284

The article linked is just click bait.

The analyst said that Twitter's data quality is "horrible". Chowdhry said that many pollsters used Twitter data to predict a Hillary Clinton win in the U.S. election but the fact that Donald Trump won shows that data quality is poor. One reason for this is too many fake users on the platform, Chowdhry claims.

Twitter has had issues with monetization, but the idea that the platform is somehow flawed because some idiot used it as a source polling is nuts. You can't determine an election from reading tweets.

Twitter differentiated itself from other social sites by embracing simplicity and mobile. The simplicity of twitter has also hurt it, because it keeps failing at expanding the platform beyond tweets making it a poor growth stock since its user growth has stagnated.

Comment Re: Fake News? (Score 0) 624

If Snopes were left-leaning, it would have been impossible for me to defend Bush all those years.

Sorry, but Snopes is left-leaning. What you've run across are examples so flagrant, they had to admit them to false. For example, "Trump to Repurpose USS Enterprise Into Floating Hotel and Casino" or "Donald Trump Was Born in Pakistan" are obviously fake and Snopes will label it as such.
The best way to check any "fact-check" site is to find the same quote said by two people on different sides of the aisle. What I have found is that many times, the same claim will receive a higher rating from the left, as the site will find an excuse as to why it may be true. The right receives no such courtesy.

Comment Re: Fake News? (Score 0) 624

I'm led to understand reality has a pretty strong left wing bias, also.

Do you mean the "reality" that says only white Republicans can be racist?
Maybe you mean the "reality" that every Republican candidate since Reagan is a racist/misogynist/elitist/Bible-thumper?
Oh, I know... You mean the "reality" of Obamacare cutting health care costs and everyone being able to keep their doctor, right?

Sorry, but when "the left wing" has played the bigot (racist, misogynist, homophobe, transphobe) card so hard and so long that it's color has worn off, I have hard time believing that they know what "reality" truly is. Don't believe me? Go back and look at the smears against Romney and look at what they are saying about him now. Back then, he was an animal abusing, woman suppressing, religious nut-job. Today, he's the sane pick for Secretary of State. Seriously, how long did you think the American public would believe the BS when you tell them same BS every four years, only to back off your claims a few weeks after the elections end? Well, the elections you win, anyway.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe they simply disagree with your policies for reasons other than hatred?

Comment Re:And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

Sorry to be the one to have to inform you of this, but this is not just about bathrooms. Sure, bathrooms are all you hear about on the news, because that's how it's framed. No one really cares the sex of the person in the stall next to you. Opinions change when you start talking about locker rooms, showers, and other facilities, especially when these facilities are used by children.

Sexual identity issues and bathrooms do not equal boys and girls in school showering together. You're literally making that up.
This is from the Charlotte non-discrimination ordinance:
"A place of public accommodation may not refuse to provide the full and equal enjoyment of its facilities based on a protected characteristic, such as gender identity and gender expression. Restrooms, locker rooms, and other changing facilities are covered by the ordinance."

Here is the source:

Oh, but you said boys and girls. OK. Let's look at what the Obama administration wants:
"Schools should let transgender students use bathrooms, locker rooms and other sex-segregated facilities consistent with their gender identity, according to the guidance." ...
"The letter does not carry the force of law but the message was clear: Fall in line or face loss of federal funding."

Comment Re:And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

Whenever i see it it's almost always people complaining about the fringe left like it's the mainstream.

Do you not know that the head of your party will cut off school funds if a school does not allow boys to shower with girls? That's pretty damn far to the left and definitely "mainstream" within your party.

Sorry, but I don't believe that all women must be forced to feel uncomfortable just because and EXTREMELY small minority of men feel uncomfortable undressing in front of those with the same biological equipment.

And no, I'm not sorry, but the first man that follows my little girl into the locker room at the local YMCA is not going to like the result. But I'll be one getting in trouble because your "mainstream" left doesn't see anything wrong with a grown man getting naked in front preteen girls who are trying to change for swim practice!

Comment Re:Nude == Rude? (Score 1) 172

Apology accepted. My daughter will be educated in the ways of life. My point is that it is up to me to decide when my daughter learns these things. That is not a decision left to idiots in the general public.

In other words, I'm not depending on the village to raise my child. If any of the village idiots try, they will find themselves dependent on the village to take care of them.

I'm her parent. Not that asshole.

Comment Re:What was the command? (Score 1) 154

yum update -y && reboot

Actually, it kicked off a bash script that consisted of 100,000 commands that took a team of programmers six months to write and debug. But to him, management, it was just a single command that he typed in and took all the credit.

(it's a joke people)

Comment Re:This is why I gave up PC gaming (Score 4, Interesting) 103

I think he just likes the fact that he can go to the store, buy any game with his console's name on it, and it is guaranteed to work. He doesn't need to worry about having the right OS, the right amount of RAM, the right processor, the right video card, the drivers, and so on. Of course, even if his system is set up perfectly today, the specs will change as his machine ages. In other words, a video card that will play any game today, will not play any game in three years. A PlayStation Three still plays every single game made for a PS3, from the games that came with the system on launch day to the games that are still being released today.

Comment Re:FP (Score 2) 165

We don't need wi-fi, remote unlocking or push-button start or any of that other unnecessary nonsense.

There's nothing wrong with these features. The problem is when you can reach the brake system from the bluetooth in the radio. There is no reason why these systems could not be separated, even air gapped.

Comment Re:Infinity (Score 1) 1067

But a properly written program should never get in a situation of dividing by zero, and this is one of the dumbest "Ask Slashdot" questions in a while. Masking the interrupt makes about as much sense as driving blindfolded so you don't see the people you are running over.

Let's say a business divides the profit among all employees who meet certain conditions, say, a sales quota. If the profit is $1000 and four employees met the condition, their bonus is $250 ($1000/4). Now, what happens if no employees meet the quota? Your formula ends up being $1000/0 and crashes.

Yes, the programmer should have planned for this, but that is the point of the question. The programmer is tired of combing through thousands of lines of code looking for division to see if it's possible to get a divide by zero error, and then having to sanitize is divisor for every one.

So, I respectfully disagree with your reasons calling this a stupid question. He's asking, "Is there a better way of doing this than method X?" and you're saying, "That's a stupid question because if you used method X, you wouldn't have to worry about finding a better way".

Comment Re:Why is Samsung making a keyboard? (Score 3, Interesting) 104

Because they can make a keyboard to fit the phones they design. For example, my ancient Note 2 keyboard had a number row because it had plenty of room for one. Since rooting and installing CM, I've had a difficult time finding a keyboard that has a number row and is as capable as the one made by Samsung.

Frankly, I don't see this vulnerability being that big of a deal. The hacker would either need access to the root filesystem of your phone WHILE you are updating and have the perfect timing to insert the file AFTER it downloaded but before the update starts, or he would have to pull off a man in the middle attack, which means hanging out at a Starbucks, setting up the fake network, and waiting for someone to come in with a Samsung phone who just happens to download the update while in Starbucks and on your fake network where you can intercept the correct file and replace it with your own.

Yeah... if I were still running sock, I wouldn't be worried.

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