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Comment Re:Yes... (Score 2) 85

Well, here we go. One more good game out of Bungie, followed by layoffs, firings, and an endless line of crapass worthless "sequels" from ripoff studios like Neversoft.

Activision didn't buy out Bungie, it's just a publishing deal for one franchise, they have no control over them so they can't fire anyone.

As for rip off sequels from Neversoft, Bungie still own the IP


Submission + - BBFC says violence not caused by video games (

Trintech writes: In the ongoing case against Rockstar Games' Manhunt 2 in the UK, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has admitted that there's nothing to suggest that video games should be linked to anti-social and violent behavior.

"The board's position is that there is insufficient evidence to prove, as a fact, there is a causal connection between violent games and behavioural harm," says Andrew Calderott, Director of the BBFC.


Submission + - Google vows to develop cheap renewable electricity (

adminstring writes: Google cofounder Larry Page announces that the company aims to generate "renewable electricity at globally significant scale, and produce it cheaper than from coal." To achieve their stated goal of generating a gigawatt of power at 2 cents per kilowatt hour, they are partnering with eSolar on solar thermal technology and Makani Power on high-altitude wind power. The name of this new venture will be "REC" (Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal.)
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - 10 games that changed the world 1

An anonymous reader writes: If you've ever wondered where the games you play today came from, check out this list of the ten most important games of all time. Whether you agree with all of them or not, it can't be denied that each one on this list moved its respective genre forward, pushing developers to create even better games. Well worth a read, even if just to debate what's missing from the list!

Submission + - Asus corrects Eee PC source code issue. (

ozmanjusri writes: "Asus has corrected the availability of source code for its Eee PC, and reaffirmed its commitment to meeting the requirements of open source licenses, including the GPL.

They also announced the upcoming release of a new SDK to assist the Open Source community development on the Eee PC."


Submission + - UK lose records for 25 million households (

An anonymous reader writes: In order to send data on 25 million families a mile down the road, officials burned a couple of CDs and sent it by regular post.

The discs never arrived.

The Media

Submission + - Steve Jobs gets grilled at UK iPhone launch

An anonymous reader writes: CNET has a fantastic video of Steve Jobs getting asked some really tough questions about the iPhone at the UK launch including, why there's no 3G, what he thinks about the iPhone hacks and why the iPhone only has a 2-megapixel camera, among other hard questions. The best bit is his reaction to a question about iPhone hacks, he looks like he's either thinking of what to say or a little angry.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Broadband comparison between US and Japan (

An anonymous reader writes: A Japanese correspondent talks about the difference between the the Japanese and American broadband systems. They talk about such Slashdot favorites as Net Neutrality, Govt. Supported monopolies, and how the complacency of investment of US broadband infrastructure is leaving us far behind and in a place where the US is probably not the place where much innovation will be done in the future due to the lack of speeds to the home. Pretty good article and sums up most of the points from a Slashdot perspective and even has a Vinton Cerf interview. What is not to love ;)

Submission + - Microsoft admits buying Swedish OOXML votes (

ath writes: In an interview with the swedish magazine NyTeknik , a Microsoft representative admits to "recommending" business partners to vote on OOXML.
Translated quotes from the article:
-We have been informing our business partners about the process at SIS. What is going on, what the time plan is and that Microsoft thinks it is good if OOXML becomes a standard
-In a letter from Microsoft, our business partners were informed that they were 'expected' to participate in the SIS meeting and vote yes. As a compensation they would get 'market benefits' and extra support in terms of microsoft resources.
-This was a mistake and the letter was sent by a single employee on his own initiative without sanctions from Microsoft. He also quickly realised his mistake and tried to recall the letter
-I can understand the critique about coup like voting. But I claim the voters knew the issue well and had their own interest in OOXML becoming an ISO standard
(Interviewer) -Has this harmed Microsoft?
-Time will tell. But almost all customers we have been talking to thinks it would be good if OOXML became an ISO standard.


Submission + - Google and Microsoft Defend Fair Use (

Anonymous Coward 11 writes: Earlier this month, the Computer & Communications Industry Association filed a complaint with the FTC alleging that professional sports leagues, Hollywood studios, and book publishers were all using copyright notices that misrepresented the law. Now, the group has launched a web site called Defend Fair Use that shows they are serious about making the complaint stick.
The Internet

Submission + - Taking anti-evolution candidates to task

hmccabe writes: Youtube is currently taking submissions for their next debate, in which the Republican candidates will answer the questions. This seems like a good opportunity to challenge those candidates who say they do not believe in evolution, but as I am not an expert in the subject, I would be interested in how the you all feel the question should be presented. For my own part, I think it is important to present the overwhelming body of evidence on the subject as incontrovertible fact, much the same way DNA evidence is during a criminal trial, and ask why the candidate feels they can pick-and-choose what facts they believe in. (Besides the fossil record and the entire study of genetics, I believe there were some experiments in forced speciation in lab environments, but IANA geneticist.) Moreover, I am wary of coming across like Christopher Hitchins, so vitriolic the candidate will defend themselves rather than answer the question. Perhaps the most important aspect of posing the question is to inform the viewers who watch the debate that this is really not a matter of opinion, but of science.

Maybe the question I'm asking is, "Hey geneticists, have you considered addressing evolution in the youtube debates? Can you do it in 30 seconds?"
The Internet

Submission + - A campaign to block Firefox users ( 5

rarwes writes: A website is aiming at blocking Firefox users. This because a fraction of the Firefox users installed an Ad Blocker and thus stealing money from website owners that use ads. They recommend using IE, Opera or IE tab. From the site: Demographics have shown that not only are FireFox users a somewhat small percentage of the internet, they actually are even smaller in terms of online spending, therefore blocking FireFox seems to have only minimal financial drawbacks, whereas ending resource theft has tremendous financial rewards for honest, hard-working website owners and developers.

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