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Comment Gives new meaning to the term "standing army" (Score 1) 193

Excuse the bad pun, but seriously people, somewhere far off the Founding Fathers are shaking their heads.

- Imagine a garrison of third-gen "Big Dogs" in every major US city, with assault rifles and thermal vision. "Don't like martial law or the new curfew? Stay inside after 8:00 pm and you'll be safe, citizen! The recession will be over soon."
- Like someone else said, shoot-to-kill orders on any human-sized heat signature.
- If the only remaining witness of an atrocity is a platoon of robots, and they have no video recording units installed, did the atrocity really happen?
- Once the cheap and "bloodless" bombing from afar is over, the REAL fighting takes place on the ground in the rubble. This is the infantry equivalent of the ariel bomber.
- Imagine waves of these floating over from China. Like the Sherman tank in WWII, you don't have to make them better than the opposition, just make them in large enough quantities.

If you don't see the use for these things, try thinking like a politician, The uses are ENDLESS. Too bad American schools don't teach Civics anymore.


Submission + - EM waves may warn of earthquakes weeks beforehand (

The Underwriter writes: A Stanford geophysics professor has proposed that earthquakes broadcast ultra-low frequency radio waves days or even weeks before occurring. According to Dr. Antony Fraser-Smith, the chief problem is only the really large quakes broadcast measurable waves, and at the moment no one is listening for them. Back in 1989, his team recorded increasing EM pulses leading up to the Oct. 17th Loma Prieta quake, with a massive burst just hours before the quake hit, killing 63 people.

To quote a Science Daily article, "...Fraser-Smith continued to study the phenomenon of earthquakes emitting electromagnetic waves through a study funded by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). When the USGS terminated the funding in 1999, he decided to move on to other things. But he was recently drawn back into this issue by a local private company that wanted to use his methods to develop earthquake warning systems." (

Fraser-Smith would like to test his theory using 30 machines in quake-prone regions around the world. He feels that enough data could be collected within two to three years to determine if quake forecasting is feasible.

His findings were presented at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco Thursday.

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