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Comment Re:Dignity is an essential human right. (Score 1) 350

We are all endowed...

Sir, let me assure you that the TSA is not in the least interested in how endowed you are, either individually or as a group. Nor does the TSA want to know how you, as a group of endowed people, spend your time or what activities you engage in, as long as your activities pose no threat to national security. Thank you, you may now go back to your nudist swinger group and share the good news.

Comment Re:Cool! (Score 1) 350

They can add value by auto-updating everyone's FaceBook page with the latest scan and the new status 'clean'/'hilarious'/'needs liposuction'/'tumescent'/'en route to Gitmo' etc.

That is a really good idea! As soon as we implement it, we'll give you a call to help us test it. Imagine how surprised your family and friends will be when they see your status change to 'en route to Gitmo'!

Comment Re:Duh. (Score 2, Funny) 350

They probably record every single image generated by those things, and hold it at least until the passenger's flight is over. I don't see why they would do it any other way. It flies in the face of reason. I know they say otherwise, but I doubt they feel bad about lying to the general public. It's for the greater good, right?

The TSA does not lie to the general public, never has, never will. You, on the other hand, are an inch shorter than stated on your job application form and may continue to shrink, should you fail to retract your statement.

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