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Comment Re:What I'm wondering is... (Score 1) 288

Isn't that a nice thought? And let us just take it one step further... Hmm... also, 'it might be' is a reason, 'it might be used for illegal purposes' at least is a valid reason nowadays, unlike the days of Sony...

The death penalty on Timothy McVeigh surely hurt those people who might have read books he might have written later. They don't get to read these books anymore. Yes, definitely hurting them.
Now, not all of them are located in the U.S.A. - some of them are Europeans. Germans, for example. In Germany, the Death Penalty is illegal. Therefore, the death of Timothy McVerigh was a first degree murder according to German law. It had effects on German citizens. I sure hope the executioner doesn't have plans on visiting Germany in the next twenty years. ;-)
Better yet, George Walker Bush jr., though it would have been possible for him to do so, explicitly denied him pardon. This definitely makes him at least an accessory in murder (according to German law), if not even complicity in and conspiring to commit.

When was the next time he intended to visit Germany again? ;-)

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