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Comment Re:To be fair (Score 1) 199

Our political system is, like most, set up to protect the rights of our ruling class. The working class, by and large, has little or no say in such matters .

In case someone is about to say they need a citation for your claim, here it is.

People should stop showing their distaste for this rigged system by sitting out elections, and instead vote for the third party of their choice. Voting your conscience is a great way to voice your actual opinion, rather than going along with the two corporate owned parties. And if the other half of the country that don't vote each election actually voted, instead of giving up, it would change things.

Comment Re:What's wrong with this? (Score 4, Insightful) 199

The US really hates it when other countries do the exact same thing that the US does all over the world every day. I just wish more people in the US would tell their representatives to stop meddling with the rest of the world, whether it is carpet bombing Afghanistan, drone strikes in Pakistan, coups in the Ukraine, aiding rebels in Syria, destroying Libya, helping the Saudis bomb Yemen, or any of the other non-productive, highly destructive regime-change activities we are involved in every day. It is all about defense contractor profits and keeping the Middle East destabilized. Just expect lots more blowback as this all continues without your input or consent.

Comment Re:Huh. (Score 0) 78

Helium cooling for liquid hydrogen fuel? Why does this sound so old school rocketry to me? My Estes solid fuel rockets sound more advanced, and I did that in the 1960s.

This is really the best SpaceX can do? I love rockets, I have loved space exploration since I was a kid back in the 60s, but I just don't see Elon Musk as the right way to stellar exploration. It seems like the oligarchy's means to the stars, not something for everyone like the Apollo program.

If we are going to put a national effort into going to Mars and beyond, it should be a fully public space exploration program. If Musk wants to chip in, that's great, but it should not be about him. It should be because he wants to make it happen, the right way.

Comment Re:No? (Score 1) 375

To the 19% of /.ers who think Snowden is a traitor who leaked secret information, tell me how giving information to newspapers makes him a traitor? Snowden gave the information to no one else. The newspapers, including the Washington Post, released some of the information that Snowden gave them. Then the Post got a Pulitzer Prize for their leaking of the information. The 19% either don't know what they are talking about, or they are just acting dumb and trying to confuse others. Snowden was not trying to get to Russia, he was trying to get to South America when the US Government canceled his visa. So he got stuck in Russia.

For supposedly intelligent people, you 19% act like a bunch of dummies who can't get their facts straight. Or, you are trolls just trying to confuse the vast majority of readers here at /.

Comment Re:Why do people continue to believe alarmist crap (Score 2) 156

The amount of anti-scientific drivel on /. has become quite strange. Humans have carefully recorded the extinction events they have caused over the centuries (e.g., Steller's sea cow, the dodo, Tasmanian tiger, passenger pigeon, Carolina parakeet, etc. etc. etc.).


We have been doing it for tens of thousands of years...

I have to assume that lots of the anti-science types are just yanking everyone's chains for fun. It would be very disturbing to find out they actually believe the crap they type here.

Submission + - NVidia GeForce now requires mandatory registration ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: With the newly released GeForce Experience 3.0 software, Nvidia might irk some users. While you will still be able to download the drivers from their web site sans registration, you will now be required to register in order to use the GeForce Experience software While the Experience software does add some powerful streaming features for games and is "three times faster and consumes 50 percent less memory than the old GeForce Experience", it might seem like a bit of overkill for those users that only used the software to keep their drivers up to date.

Comment Re:Mostly (Score 1) 265

What a joke. We commit an international war crime because we say the leader is bad. We start a war against a country that did not attack us by lying about WMD. Then we killed and displaced more Iraqis than Hussein ever did. We destroyed the country. If you ask the Iraqi people who was worse and did more harm, Bush or Hussein they would overwhelmingly say Bush, because that is the truth.

It is really hard to believe that intelligent people can believe such nonsense.

Comment Re:Mostly (Score 1) 265

Well, Saudi Arabia is a brutal dictatorship too, are we going to attack them? 19 of the 911 hijackers were from there, but we attacked Afghanistan and Iraq instead. You know that every place we attacked is in much more turmoil now than before we invaded. How many hundreds of thousands of people are dead now that would not have been otherwise? How many war refugees? The US is very selective in which "dictatorships" we decide require US imposed regime change.

Comment Re:Mostly (Score 4, Insightful) 265

It is for geopolitical control and great profit. Even our own government admits that we have created more terrorists than we kill, which I assume is not because our government and military are incompetent, it is just a form of job security. There wasn't nearly as much bloodshed and civil war in the Middle East until we went in with our military and intelligence agencies to institute "regime change" by way of war. Now there are civil wars (e.g., Libya, Syria and Iraq) where there had not been before we intervened militarily. We were not attacked by any of those countries, and it is an international war crime to commit unprovoked military aggression. Millions of refugees are fleeing the fighting. None of it had to be, and none of it has brought about any type of peace or stability, not even in Afghanistan where we have been the longest (who also did not attack the US).

You know full well that the US is the most aggressive country on the planet. We are not keeping the peace, we are making sure that peace can not happen and that the wars will go on indefinitely, thus keeping the region in turmoil, and keeping the profits flowing. Please point to one place where our military has produced "peace" since the first Gulf War. I just pointed to a number of places where we undid the peace, and created endless war.

Comment Re:Mostly (Score 4, Insightful) 265

I'm wondering if humans will ever shake off their extremely violent ancestry and wind down the war and militarism. The US is the greatest exporter of weapons and the most militarily aggressive country in the world with military action in over 100 countries.

If we can't lead by example in toning down endless warfare, and instead provide the cover that other countries need to justify and build their own drone and robot armies, then the world of the future is going to be a very dismal place indeed.

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