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Comment Re:Can't wait (Score 1) 415

We are going to need new laws or a constitutional amendment to prevent companies from screwing over citizens to make a profit. These companies, like the Oxycontin maker, know their product is deadly and addictive, and they fight every day to prevent pot from becoming legal. They don't care how many lives are ruined as long as the money keeps flowing.

Comment Re:They didn't get their way when Obama won (Score 0) 644

The major issue for me now is that if Clinton gets back in the WH, after all the crap she has pulled, the DNC will say to themselves “we can do anything we want, as long as the Republican is a big bogeyman”. Don’t get me started on her and Bill killing Glass-Steagall and helping set up the 2008 crash.

I realize many Democrats will hold their nose and vote for Clinton, but I just can’t. It feels like rewarding them for egregiously bad behavior. Then if Clinton starts the cold war back up with Russia as a way to justify the 1 trillion dollar nuclear arsenal upgrade, and starts a bunch of new regime change wars, I would feel like I helped enable that by voting for her. So I am voting my conscience and going with Jill Stein. At least then I won’t feel like I enabled more Clinton disasters. If Trump wins, that is the DNC’s fault, not mine.

Comment Re:Wrong, evil and going to happen (Score 1) 101

Also, Clinton only won when independents were kept out of the voting. Clinton's political machine and the DNC had control over the primaries all the way down to the precinct level. They could pull strings everywhere. Like Bernie said, it is going to take a political revolution in this country to take it back from our criminal corporate overlords.

Comment Re:Wrong, evil and going to happen (Score 4, Interesting) 101

There is massive public opposition to the TTP and TTIP on both sides of the Atlantic. When people learn what is in it, they invariably don't like it (unless they run a large multinational corporation, like Disney). It still may pass, but I wouldn't bet on it at this point. Even Clinton, the most corporate owned presidential candidate in history, has been forced to say it is a bad deal for the people. Of course, her surrogates at the DNC platform convention have refused repeatedly to formally denounce the TTP, so that says something about what Clinton would do once back in the White House again. Still, it is going to be a big stain on any politician's record who votes for it. There has never been this level of organized opposition to a trade deal. This time, now that there has been 20 years to assess NAFTA and CAFTA, many of the offending politicians may be voted out of office in the next election.

Comment Re:From my cold dead hands.... (Score 1) 110

Yeah, MS thinks that phone toys and desktop power systems (gaming, non-linear editing, content creation) are somehow exactly the same, and therefore need a similar toy interface meant for a 4 inch screen. Not sure why they are thinking that one size fits all, when it clearly doesn't. They are focusing on toys, not serious computers, and that means that serious computer users are not going to make the switch. On top of that, their heavy handed tactics in trying to force WX onto every computer through updates has backfired, and now everyone has automatic updates turned off (unless they are stuck with WX where you can't control updates).

One thing they did manage to do is to make GWX Control Panel one of the more popular downloads in the world.

Comment Re:From my cold dead hands.... (Score 4, Insightful) 110

4 years is a long time, and considering that Windows 7 still has about 50% market share, Microsoft has some serious work to do to convince businesses and home users to switch to a service that does not offer significant advantages to Windows 7 users, and has lots of downsides. None of the features added to Windows 10 are of any interest to me at this point. Even Direct X 10 isn't a draw yet. I have 6 machines running windows 7 and none will be upgraded until Windows 10 offers me more control, rather than less. I don't want a service, I want a functioning OS. I am using Windows on computers, not phones, and I don't need it on phones. Microsoft has hundreds of millions of Windows 7 users to convince, and they are doing an exceptionally poor job of convincing them based on "features" (like forced updates).

It is going to be a tough sell to get the other half of Windows users to switch when the new, service based OS has so much baggage.

Comment Re:If you really want an answer (Score 1) 71

No, capitalism sucks worse than just about all other options especially when it turns to kleptocracy and oligarchy. Unregulated capitalism under neoliberal stewardship will eventually collapse under the weight of its own corruption and squandering of resources to make a fast buck. The only question is how long will it take before it implodes. Capitalism needs strong regulation and high taxes to prevent it from killing itself with over indulgence. But that ill never happen under neoliberal rule, where markets are God, and workers are peasants (aka human resources).

Comment Re:If you really want an answer (Score 1) 71

That is the problem with capitalism and making everything contingent on being marketable. I wonder if corporations have so thoroughly brainwashed people that now people cannot conceive of doing anything that isn't mass marketable, you know, like sending people to the moon. Of course now, rich people will now be our saviors, and they will build the rockets and send rich people who can afford 20 million dollar tickets to the moon. Sad that everyone thinks in terms of marketability and profit, rather than cooperation and shared goals.

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