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Comment I was aware of detainment for 3 individuals... (Score 1) 388

A 'medic' was allegedly pulled over a barricade because he was holding Scissors; I'm not sure what happened with the other two. People were off the Sidewalk ALL day through 6pm EST without genuine interference by authorities, though when the main group split at one point there was rumor that a few more got picked up when they stayed behind at the White House and authorities weren't so overwhelmed by numbers. Otherwise, the protest was fairly benign as far as Police action until someone threw a foam ball over the fence at the White House shortly after dusk; The Police line began shoving a few protesters and throwing a camera or two on the ground while the bomb dogs checked the inside of the fence.

Comment Re:Why does anyone like this show? (Score 1) 772

No such luck. The entirety of the collection was lost to the elements during Andrew in '92 (along with more Golden and Silver age comics than I like to recall). A tornado took out the end of the house in Cutler Ridge, Superman #202 the lone survivor of the collection because I happened to be reading it that night.

Comment Re:Why does anyone like this show? (Score 3, Insightful) 772

It takes different strokes. Possibly you don't appreciate the story because you're not familiar with older plot lines from 30 years ago that are quietly addressed. Possibly you've never read any of the well written books from that time either. Possibly you like Mango Ice cream or Kardashian's when everyone else is going 'yuck.' It's television. If you don't get it, don't hurt your brain trying to figure it out. Some people simply have different tastes, and your perception of lame is someone else's uber. It's perfectly reasonable to hate the old black and white shows, specific Doctors, or the entirety of the show, but it's not a mathematical proof that can be explained to you in hopes that one day you'll understand (especially since you've already walked into the conversation with the idea that Dr. Who blows monkey chunks).

My Uncle has been taping the show since it's inception, and he owns every book that came out prior to 1992. He's hated every single Doctor since 8, and calls the current show all manner of names. He'd agree with you that everything currently playing is garbage, but then again, he thinks the only good think on TV these days is H20.

Comment Re:Wow, only $7.25? (Score 1) 1106

We were all conceived from an egg.

Your caustic response is unwarranted and lacks objectivity. The minimal budget outline offered for the sake of discussion is a simple basis to start from. Understanding that the referenced basic health insurance isn't going to cover much, even assuming that someone is generally healthy, an individual is looking at thousands of dollars every few years for standard tests, check-ups and the occasional 'something bigger.' Dental and Vision come extra.

Internet can't seriously be cut as society becomes increasingly digital; The 'Digital Divide' isn't imaginary.

The $100 referenced by the other poster in regards to a vehicle is WAY low for a car note and is obviously referencing used car prices; A Used Honda Civic that is only a year or two old would run ~$250-$300 a month for the credit rating of someone making minimum wage (if they were lucky).
The $500 special that someone of that wage level can afford when their current car craps out isn't going to fare them very well. Oh sure, they might run it for a year, but the bumper isn't worth a damn and it eats oil (or has some other problem). Were someone to go out and buy a brand new car and pay the bills on time, trade it in each year, pay the difference, and do the same thing over and over, they could outright own the current year model in about 5-6 years.

Comment Re:can you 3d print a bomb? pop quiz hot shot (Score 1) 1862

I'd make some cocoa and lightly mourn the fact that you and so many other ignorant people resort to fear mongering to find fulfillment. Shoulda, coulda, woulda...I'm not going to live my life terrorized by the fact that your opinion can only be properly expressed when you live and rage Anonymously.

Comment Re:This is a rare breed of human. (Score 1) 758

All the comments about Monsanto and bad practices by entities involved in GMO, I'm rather fond of the microRNA and the whole "You are what you eat" idea.

We've a good general idea of what is healthy and poisonous as far as food because we've been eating plants and animals for thousands of years. Now screw around with the genetics of these things, and we might not detect and observe catastrophic changes for several generations before it's too late.

Imagine someone coming up with a weaponized plant(s) that was programmed to slowly alter and eventually 'kill | sterilize | nefarious thing' a particular genetic subset of the human race. Now what if they did it by accident and didn't realize? Either way is rather scary.

As far as food goes, there are plenty of ways to grow food that don't involve mass producing GMO crops. There are amazing Hydro/Aqua/Bioponic solutions that are easily constructed and deployed, some of them like Podponics ( in Atlanta utilizing trailers to do indoor growing. By utilizing individually managed trailers in conjunction it is easier to grow crops while inhibiting and preventing spoilage from pests, disease and the inclements than traditional farming methods, be they monoculture or otherwise . Meanwhile there is plenty of underutilized roof space around the world, as well as places that can implement vertical gardening or see the re-purposing of facilities such as abandoned or extended public transit tunnels in larger cities. These things are easy to implement, they just need the funding and the desire, and big corporations aren't as beholden to 'helping out' as they are to seeing high market cap.

If the world starves, it's not because GMO was the only way.

Comment Re:Well, kinda... (Score 2) 433

If you have one or two very strong certifications, like CCIE, they'll help you. Not much, far less than a degree, but they're a positive factor. I'm not every employer, but I'll never turn someone away for lack of a technical certification.

On the other hand, if you have 10 weak certifications (CCNA, MCSE, A+, Security+, etc.) and you list them all, that's a big negative. Huge.

Employers/hiring manager/HR are all different in their methods and perceptions. I was hired for one of the best Corporate Tech gigs I've ever had in first interviews wearing jeans with holes ripped in the knee that were big enough for a plate. I've also been turned away from a tech job because I had a top button in a dress shirt undone once; These are superficial things. If there isn't any glaring issue in a Resume that shows a lack of time and review, I'm more likely to turn people away for objectionable content on their Facebook account than I am because of the lack/addition or structure of resume content.

With ~30,000 CCIE's out there, I think most employers with any form of large scale networking would take notice at seeing such a listing on a resume. When I see someone who has a CCNA I'm comfortable believing that whether they remember a trivial line for IP SSH Authentication retries off the top of their head or not, that within 2 weeks of being in the work environment they will have refreshed their memory on the things they've already been familiar with. They might not know anything about BGP besides its name, but they have a framework for future learning and can adapt since its obvious they have at least a base understanding of using the CLI.

Doers do. They rarely bother with certifications and even if they do they have far more important things to tell me to sacrifice the space on their resume to such trivia.

This probably has more to do with the fact that they're already comfortably employed. Nobody wants to go spend money and time on a cert that expires every few years if they're not likely to see a pay increase for doing what they normally do; This especially applies to people who are able to transition to new positions without a cert because they are reasonably able to demonstrate to a coworker/superior that they can XXXXX. I have expired certifications for various things that I will never renew, but their expiration hasn't stopped me from listing them when I've needed work in the past. Just like any other degree or cert, they're a sign that I can play the game while also giving someone a further impression of past experience.

Interviews that solely parallel proselytization by a religious fundamentalist with every obscure question and answer from their point of view covered are often a waste of time.

Comment Re:Japan, not China... 1960's (Score 2) 279

Jack Donaghy: Your magic jeans are from BDL? Oh Lemon, it's not hand-made in USA, it's pronounced Hand-made in Usa. The Hand people are a Vietnamese slave tribe and Usa is their island prison. They made your jeans. You know how they get the stitching so small?
[puts hands to mouth and whispers]
Jack Donaghy: orphans.

Comment Re:Work from home? (Score 3, Informative) 67

You're talking about Lionbridge.
Leapforce isn't capped in the same way, but it has a lower rate of pay. Individual raters see limited hours at first, but as long as you perform well there is usually way more than 40+ hours.

This isn't news, as old versions of the General Guidelines have been leaked to the public before.

Comment Re:Doesn't the Tolkien estate... (Score 1) 211

As someone who has spent $$ on the LoTR machine between New Orleans, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Biloxi and Cherokee, I was outraged that it wasn't nearly as much fun as most of the Monopoly slot games. That said, it had familiar imagery, fun sounds, pretty lights, and multipliers that are saved through progressive play. (That means I can save my multiplier from city to city, with months in between play. When it comes to slot machines, that's pretty fucking awesome.)

I first read The Hobbit more than 25 years ago, and could be considered somewhat a fan of the body of related works since most people have a hard time reading through a book once, much less several times. I didn't enjoy the movies because my imagination is so much more brilliant than Peter Jackson could ever match, but I've no problem with a silly little game. It's a little pricey compared to 'Invaders from Planet Moo-lah,' but I don't mind spending $20 on it when I see it on a Casino floor.

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