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Comment Re:Fermi and probabilities (Score 1) 140

You're making an assumption that all intelligent species will self destruct. Based on a sample size of one species that hasn't really come close to that yet. Who knows, maybe somewhere out there a perfectly unselfish, logical species exists and has launched colony ships in our direction.

And they'll arrive here much like the ships in Independence Day, except that they'll finish what they started in spite of Will Smith and Randy Quail.

Comment Re:My bank is the worst. (Score 1) 148

For a brief period of time I thought Diceware style passphrases would be the answer but I found that a lot of places don't accept space characters in a password and as you observed, they all have random, undisclosed length limitations and the usual special characters requirement, Most of my low risk forum site passwords are based on one I was assigned about 15 years ago that had "good enough" length and was not guessable based on personal details like dog names and such.

Comment Re:Cheaper (Score 4, Informative) 349

Flights to resort locations are cheaper than major business destinations. Business travelers will pay more to fly since they're spending corporate money instead of their own while vacationers are stingy. Somehow this works even though that vacation resort requires a layover in a hub at a popular business destination.

I had a friend fly in to visit me once who found that fairs to Atlantic City were hundreds less than Newark.

Comment It's The Parts Count (Score 1) 293

I think the major manufacturers are afraid of the reduced parts count that pure electric cars have and the implied loss of profit margin because of it. So they keep trying to sell hybrid systems that bundle an internal combustion engine with an electric motor in order to keep the parts count high.

Comment Re:I dunno about LEDs, but CFLs don't last (Score 1) 602

Writing the date on bulbs would be a great idea if the market was stable and all you ever saw in the store was the same brand of bulbs year after year. I probably have 20 or so LED lightbulbs in my house. My oldest one is probably 4 years old and is still going strong. I'd buy some more just like it if I could. But that model of bulb has been replaced by other designs from other manufacturers in my local stores and is probably out of production.

One of my best change overs was a set of track lights in my family room. These lights run from dinnertime until bedtime, 7 days a week. They've been flawless.

Comment Re:Tor (Score 2) 376

I'm sure they wouldn't just accuse people at random. They'd do market research and select targets that meet a profile. Something like middle class households with parents that aren't particularly tech savvy but with teenage kids that might be, all of which use decent amounts of data. All they'd have to do is convince the parents that the kids downloaded something that could illegal or hint to the fathers that it might be the porn their wife doesn't know about. And boom $20 faster than you can blink.

Comment Re:Definitely not the first (Score 1) 116

I had internet access at work starting in 1986 but since it was work related I stuck to fairly sensible net usage. My first home ISP was through a small startup in rural northern NJ, starting in 1992 or so The local phone service at that time under NJ Bell was pretty terrible. Local calls only serviced half the county, and not even the county seat where AOL and Compuserve's dial-up phone banks were established, so AOL use was a toll call. Recognizing this, two guys set up a dial-up phone bank in an area that serviced this little gap in dial-up access and ran with it for about 5 years. This was a full fledged ISP right from the start with IP addresses, ftp access, mail servers, Usenet, etc. And for the first year or two tech support meant talking to the sysadmin himself. Planet.net was the name of it and as far as I can tell the domain name is up for grabs.

Comment Re:Uh... (Score 1) 116

I remember reading the Mac System 7 announcements on the Mac listserve (Appletalk?, something like that) about a year before it was released, and then downloading it from ftp.apple.com for free when it was released. In floppy disk image files. Reportedly ftp.apple.com was hosted by a Mac SE/30 running A/UX.

Comment Re:First Contact (Score 1) 686

I think it's safe to say that if interstellar travel is at all possible it is monumentally expensive and anyone that expends the resources to get here will be interested in exploiting the rock once they do. Space is teeming with rock but Earth is teeming with organic compounds, food and whatnot. If an alien species is trying to fulfill a biological imperative, like expand the species beyond one fragile ecosystem they would probably show up to take over ours.

It'd be sort of like Independence Day, except without the happy endingl

Comment Re:Let me makes this real fucking simple for cycli (Score 1) 490

I'd add another outlier:

Red light controlled by traffic sensor that 180 lbs of bike and rider doesn't trigger: Stop, wait long enough to be sure it's not going to change then treat like a stop sign. Look for a pedestrian crossing button on a really busy intersection.

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