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Comment God awful writing (Score -1) 423

The problem with the current doctor is the god awful writing he has to work with.

I think amy solved more puzzles than the doctor in the last series. If you want a female doctor then find some balls and have one instead of fannying around with a female sidekick who fixes more things then the doctor himself.

Comment Re:isn't the memorial already in the public domain (Score 0) 426

I would be interested to see where you get all of your facts from, please let me know when you have worked as a photographer and please let me know what your expenses were while covering a wedding. I really am looking forward to hearing these imperial figures your implying you know. I would love to reduce the time spent on each wedding and looking to reduce overheads even more, it sounds like you have some great tips on being a photographer.

Comment Cashiers cant see the card (Score 0) 245

I was under the impression that one big reason for introducing Chip and Pin was to avoid the cashier handling the card. A big source of card fraud was bent cashiers photographing or copying the cards as they swiped them in the machines, using chip and pin means no-one else touches your card therefore negating another level of insecurity.

Comment Re:Fuck Eolas (Score 0) 252

There are lots of things that you can do that are legal, it doesn't mean you should. Doing things just because they are legal is what has brought us to this fucked up point in time where everyone screws everyone just so they can make enough money from the court case to pay the guy thats screwing them. Its fucking sick

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