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Comment A Write Once Register would solve this issue (Score 1) 157

All that needs to happen is that new radio chipsets need to have a write-once register that can be used to lock the chip to a specific radio band. They could manufacture one chip for global use, and a simple write to that register by the router manufacturer would lock it down to a region. No need to deal with locked firmware at all.

Comment Lockable Frequency and Power is the real answer (Score 1) 173

The real answer to the issue that concerns the FCC is to have the chipset manufacturers add write-once registers that can be used to lockout frequencies and power levels that are illegal in certain regions. That way, the manufacturers can make one hardware design, and still ensure compliance with regional regulations. This is such an easy solution to implement, and would completely eliminate the "need" to DRM the firmware.

Comment A good example (Score 1) 108

I am the owner of the domain OSVISTA.COM. You would probably think "he must really like Windows Vista", followed by "how has Microsoft not sued him for that domain?" Thing is, I bought that domain years before Microsoft announced Vista; I just liked how it sounded. I use the domain for email, and I don't host any Windows related websites. Microsoft has never even contacted me about it, presumably because once they saw the registration date and that I am not using it in a way that conflicts with their trademark, they decided to leave me alone.

As long as you don't deliberately conflict with someone else's trademark, they have a very tough time arguing that they should be given the domain. Combine that with the fact that domain related cases are not heard through the regular court system, but under UDRP, and most companies won't bother.

Comment We have already figured most of this out. (Score 3, Interesting) 365

We already know how to create biodiesel and other fuels from non fossil sources. If we limited their use to critical needs, and had everything else using renewable electric sources, then we probably could do without oil. The biggest challenge appears to be the lack of tar and asphalt for road construction; we'd have to find a workable substitute. For everything else, suitable engineered substitutes exist.

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