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Comment Learn CS, not be CS (Score 1) 317

The goal is for every student to learn basic CS, not be an actual computer scientist. Should we stop teaching basic math because of the raw amount of people who end up in engineering and finance roles?

The thought processes taught in beginning CS can be applied to many daily activities. Even, dare I say... ART-RELATED fields.

Comment Re:It's the tools (Score 1) 402

Good advice. Trouble is, that's really expensive.

In the case of GIMP, I think it's pretty simple: If you are porting OS X, have the professional pride to learn the native UI libraries. XCode is free and placement of UI elements doesn't really require reading documentation, just use the industry leader and make improvements where you see fit.

Comment It's the tools (Score 1) 402

It's pretty simple, and I'm always surprised software engineers have such a hard time understanding this: Specialize for the user.

Does the vi UX suck? No, it's perfect for people who are great are memorizing esoteric commands for efficient text editing.

Does GIMP UX suck? Almost all professional designers have been brought up using either OS X or Windows. Yet the GIMP UI still looks like it's running under X11. That's a non-starter for 99% of the user base, unless you're going to tell me GIMP was never meant to enter the mainstream.

In summary, don't cheap out on the UI because you want to use some open source UI library. Understand end-user expectations (i.e., not just YOUR expectations) and fill them.

Comment Haters gonna hate (Score 1) 427

The public's want for Apple products has almost superseded their need for Microsoft products, what else is it going to take for Apple go their their props?? All that money wasn't made by suing people, it was earned with great product vision, marketing and execution, so shut the fuck up and create your own "Apple" if you think their so stupid and unethical.

Submission + - Chiptune comes to the stage (

The Nipponese writes: "This is actually more of an event: a friend of mine (Morgan Tucker, aka Crashfaster) has been throwing some chiptune live shows around San Francisco for the last few months, and now he's bringing his show to the DNA Lounge this Sunday. At the very least, the free chiptune sampler in the link is a great intro into the growing genre loved by nerds and gamers alike."

Comment Re:Good enough is? (Score 2, Interesting) 160

Thankfully we've come to the point where network firmware upgrades keep the the console UX fresh. On top of that, Microsoft has been gradually adding specs to the 360 over the years. I am constantly surprised by the number of people who "just bought another one" because their previous 360 was lacking HDMI, or just didn't want to go through the hassle of M$ replacing it after falling prey to the RRoD. How long will be before M$ just says, "ok, let's add a new GPU to the existing hardware and call it the Ultra model?"

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