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Comment Horse armor comes full circle. (Score 1) 2

I don't play WoW but this seems like the first blatant attempt of a money grab for this game. There have been other features and options that have had prices tied to them but they were reasonable amounts for things that go against the idea of the game, like name/gender/faction and server switching. This mount, however, offers nothing that players don't already have for almost two months of subscription fees. It's essentially a new character model, and I've heard that it's based off a previous game creature. If the $25 was a penalty for skipping gameplay I might be fine with it, but the mount can't be earned in game. A better solution would be $25 with at least 50% of that going to some charity. Activision probably saw the numbers from the Modern Warfare 2 map pack and "suggested" Blizzard try this. Hopefully, the WoW community will ostracize players who have this.

Submission + - Celestial Steed a WoW windfall for Blizzard ( 2

Dexter Herbivore writes: With the first "useful" object for WoW players for less than a week, over 140,000 players have shelled out US$25 for a pretty picture. Does this signify a shift to Real Money Transactions in conjunction with a subscription model? Has Activision-Blizzard found a winning formula for squeezing even more money out of their users?

Submission + - Leonard Nimoy retires from Star Trek ( 3

DesScorp writes: "Leonard Nimoy is hanging up his Vulcan ears for good and retiring from the role of Spock in the Star Trek franchise, reports the Daily Mail. Nimoy apparently wants to pass the torch: "Nimoy, one of the most recognisable and best loved characters from the sci-fi series that began in 1966, announced that he wanted to ‘get off the stage’ and give young actor Zachary Quinto a clear run at the role he took over for last year’s Star Trek movie". Nimoy, at age 79, appears to be retiring from acting, period. Nimoy has, in recent years, undertaken another career in photography, as well as other pursuits, but seems to be preparing to retire from the public eye altogether."

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