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Submission + - Cutty Sark ablaze

The Mysterious X writes: "The BBC is reporting that Cutty Sark, the 19th centuary clipper, is on fire. Greenwich town centre has been closed, as has the docklands light railway, and reports indicate there are 40 firefighters on scene fighting the blaze. The latest news is that 100% of the ship is on fire, and it is feared that gas bottles onboard, left there due to renovation works may explode. Firefighters are treating the blaze as suspicious."
United States

Submission + - Lobbying reform bill not what it seemed

The Mysterious X writes: "Remember the flurry last week over Senate Bill S. 1, which had the section regarding grassroots campaigning taken out?
Well, The Register is carrying a column, that claims that not all was what it seemed with the campaign against the bill. According to the article, the bill was not as nefarious as claimed, it would have only applied to those paid more than $25,000 per quarter, had a readership of 500 or more, and "if they spent all of their time encouraging the general public to contact an executive or legislative official over a matter of public policy."
The article also accuses the person who ran the campaign site of "spreading the Fear among the entire blogosphere."
The question is: has the article taken a little poetic license, or has the internet community been used as a tool in someone's political agenda?"

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