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Comment Re:Potential Buyer (Score 1) 224

The fall of the Soviet Union was largely triggered by repeated disastrous grain harvests in the late 1980s. The cost of the Afghan war was certainly a contributing factor but not to the extent that is generally claimed. I suspect the Star Wars stuff was just an attempt to justify the money spent by hitching it to the "Our plan was to bankrupt the Soviets all along" story.

Comment Re:Of course they are, for now... (Score 1) 198

I do hope you are not one of the many people who will blame this government as they implement responsible tightening of spending in order to ensure the future of our country? My son is 2 and so has £17K of debt - his share of the UK national debt. That's a total discrace. The current generation should be ashamed of themselves and all that they did under whilst under the last government.

0_0 For a moment there I thought I was reading the Daily Mail.

Comment Re:Of course they are, for now... (Score 1) 198

So far, the coalition seems to be the best government the UK has had while I've been alive

The previous lot did a reasonable job of actually running the country. It was the civil liberties stuff and of course the stupid wars that were the problem. However having experienced 18 years of previous Conservative governments I'm hardly going to believe that they'd have been any improvement there. The current lot show no signs of improvement on the stupid wars and I fully expect their policies on civil liberties to be no more than window dressing. For example the ID cards will be scrapped but the massive database will remain in some form. Fortunately the rank and file of the Lib Dems seem to be waking up to the awful reality of the situation that the Orange Book idiots have left them in but probably too late to save them from a return to single figure representation at the next election.

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