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Comment GMail man is not new (Score 1) 304

Under a month ago, they launched a spoof called GMail man

No, the YouTube video you have featured was _posted_ less than a month ago, 10 seconds of checking found reference to this video over 6 months ago

I'm sorry but businesses will always try to show the weaknesses of their competitors, yes this isn't subtle but it's also not particularly special. Let them spend money on trying to trash Google while everyone else spends that money on dev and better products.

Oh and good work on giving them lots of views to encourage more of this behaviour.

Comment Re:I have an idea for the style guide (Score 1, Insightful) 262

No we should not. Programmers and software engineers should only use Vi or Emacs (Notepad if you are forced to use Windows).

Hint: It's useful to justify your arguments, not just disagree with the last poster because it makes you feel elite.

If you're writing anything more taxing than a shell script in a text editor, not only are you incredibly unproductive, you're also probably in denial about many aspects of development because you believe you're 'better' than all the other 'lazy' developers.

IDEs are there to help make development faster and of a higher quality. Using bolt ons to help with testing, style and source control make the IDEs even more powerful. Look it up, you might learn something.

Comment It's a TRAP! (Score 5, Insightful) 284


"In a response Buma/Stemra issued a press release stating that their IP-addresses were spoofed. A very unlikely scenario, but one that will be welcomed by BitTorrent pirates worldwide. In fact, they’d encourage Sony, Universal and Fox to say something similar. After all, if it’s so easy to spoof an IP-address, then accused file-sharers can use this same defense against copyright holders."

This is quite a smart move. Getting these big organisations to explain this away will only add credence to the valid reasons that the public should be able to use to protect themselves. It doesn't matter what your personal opinion is on the morals of the situation the plain fact is an IP is not a person and the clearer this is made to the judges the better. Of course there is a the chance that the IPs were added manually by the guys who set the project up, they already admitted that there is still test data in there (do a check for 192.168.*.*) so it's far from perfect.

Comment Re:Less Deserved (Score 1) 97

The final bit: the infrastructure will crash and burn without sysadmins, but without programmers, it'll just cease to advance.

Sounds to me like your infrastructure is pretty bad if it needs your constant input to stop it failing.. If a programmer wrote software like that they would be out of a job very quickly.

Comment Re:Five months maternity leave? (Score 1) 1036

From the article:

Working for a company as rich as Google comes with an incredible number of fringe benefits: the free food, the free laundry, the doctor on duty at company headquarters and the impressive five months of maternity leave with full pay and benefits, to mention a few.

The benefit is five months FULL pay and benefits, UK law does not entitle you to that. As with all UK benefit it's a step system 6 weeks at 90% of full pay and remainder at a flat rate (as of 2009 = £123.06) or 90% of your salary if that is less than the flat rate.

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