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Comment Plex Media Server (Score 1) 115

If you're wanting to create an archive of messages that the kids can play back whenever they want Plex may be a good solution. You have playback apps for almost any platform, remote access with a plex pass account. The downside is the kids will struggle to leave messages for dad, but for Dad it should be easy to record messages and remotely drop them in the library folder.

Comment Licensing (Score 1) 212

Is it possible to create a company for your product, but you personally retain ownership of the product/patent/idea/whatever it is you have and license it to the company so that if the company should fail you are protected from loosing it? Could you give your marketing partner some sort of stock options based on performance, so if they do nothing, they get nothing? I really have no idea how this sort of thing works, so I thought I'd just throw ideas.

Comment Re:stupid (Score 1) 60

I guess you don't remember the days of dismantling your mouse to clean it every so often because it gunked up and failed to respond. Still happens to me occasionally with optical/laser mice when a bit of dirt covers the sensor or gets on the mat and it doesn't quite behave the way I would expect. Eye tracking may not be there yet, but just like mice the tech will develop and it will have it's uses, especially when pretty much every laptop already comes with a built-in camera, it'll (eventually) be an extra input that only requires software.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 309

There are road signs telling you what speed you can drive at, which vehicles are allowed to use the road and which direction you are allowed to travel, not to mention police and cameras watching the roads to try to catch people breaking the rules. And while you may find a road that isn't being watched very closely, when you start to get a lot of people breaking the rules on that road you can be sure the cameras will go up and the police will start patrolling it.

Submission + - Pirate Bay user details raided by hackers (

An anonymous reader writes: Three hackers claim to have harvested the accounts of over four million registered users of the Pirate Bay web site, including contact details and the torrents they have downloaded. An Argentinian hacker known as Ch Russo said that he and two associates found multiple flaws in the site's security and used a SQL injection attack to get access to the user database. This allowed the team to view and modify all the data of the millions of registered users, including the names of torrents uploaded. Russo claimed that the group did not alter any data and simply made a copy to show that it could be done.
Classic Games (Games)

Fan-Developed Ultima VI Remake Released 161

An anonymous reader writes "20 years after the original game launched, a fan-developed Ultima 6 remake has finally been released! The Ultima 6 Project was formed in 2001 by Sliding Dragon to develop a remake of Origin's Ultima VI: The False Prophet with newer graphics and a more immersive engine. Soon assembled under the banner Archon, the team members, who hail from all over the globe, have set about recreating the world of Britannia, adding an enhanced storyline to bolster intraseries continuity and building on the Ultima legacy in a way that will please fans new and old."

Major ISPs Challenge UK's Digital Economy Act 107

Techmeology writes "TalkTalk and BT, two of the UK's largest ISPs, seek to legally challenge the UK's Digital Economy Act, which was rushed through parliament during its last days prior to the election. TalkTalk and BT argue that the DEA infringes human rights and places large ISPs (with over 400,000 customers) at a disadvantage. They also believe the DEA could conflict with existing European Legislation such as the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, and the E-Commerce Directive — the latter stating that ISPs are not responsible for the actions of their customers. The Act, which saw twenty thousand letters sent to MPs in protest, contains measures to see websites suspected of distributing illegal material blocked, and Internet users disconnected or reported to copyright holders."

Submission + - World of Warcraft: players to use RealID on forums (

The High Druid writes: The BBC is reporting on the player backlash Blizzard is recieving after they have announced a new policy of players full, real names to be shown alongside their forum posts in a future update. The report is inaccurate as it massively understates the response saying that "almost a thousand replies in less than 24 hours" on the issue. On the English language EU forums alone there were over 6000 replies, then there are French, German, Russian and Spanish EU forums and well over 20,000 replies on the US forums. One of Blizzards' customer service representatives posting under the name Wryxian said that if players were uncomfortable using there real names "There's a whole load of other forums across the internet where you'll be able to post in a more anonymous way".

WePad Tablet Will Use Linux To Rival the iPad 536

cypherdtraitor writes with news of an iPad rival being prepped in Germany for a June launch. "A German company, Neofonie GmbH, has set out to provide an alternative to the iPad, according to Neofonie's founder, Helmut Hoffer von Ankershoffen. The WePad will boast a Linux-based OS, USB ports, webcam, and Wi-Fi, as well as other features. The 16GB edition will cost €449 ($610), and the 32GB €569 ($773). A more expensive model will include a 3G modem. This PDF compares WePad specs with the iPad. There are also hints of cheap, available software. For example, will be the primary office suite, and you may use 'any application that pleases you' to play music and video, a clear edge over Apple's limitation to iTunes." The WePad will also run Flash.

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