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Comment Re:convenience over quality (Score 2) 360

streaming is the future BECAUSE it involves higher DRM than dvd's have.

its just that simple and no need to look any further.

the industry loves BD since its harder to break. they love streaming since it costs almost nothing and has tougher drm than dvd.

streaming is good FOR THEM. physical media is better FOR ME.

please avoid their streaming models: make it fail, people. the sooner we sink their sales on streaming the sooner they'll return to physical media. physical media is much more freedom-oriented (and the quality is higher, too).

and as isp's put more and more caps on your bandwidth, I don't see being MORE dependant on the internet as being a good thing. not at all. its a drug dealer situation: they want you addicted to streaming so that they can control all the cards.

don't fall for it. don't give them what they dream about. it will never be good for you and me.

You bring up some interesting points. Here's a few more to consider. Physical delivery of DVD's from Netflix or any other company rely on the USPS. They are having some serious budgetary issues, and congress seems unwilling to agree on anything let alone helping them. It appears that mail delivery may be cut back to 4 or 5 day per week sometime next year. To compound this, they are also likely to close half of their sorting centers. This will mean that most mail will take at minimum 2 days rather than the typical one day to be delivered. I'm currently able to get up to 3 deliveries per week from Netflix. If the USPS makes the changes they have proposed, I'll be lucky to get one delivery per week. I don't like it, but It's probably smart of Netflix to prepare to get out of the physical DVD rental business.

  The streaming model also has it's own issues. My ISP is Comcast and they obviously do not like the competition using their own network. With all of the bandwidth caps and other issues they have, it's pretty obvious that streaming, at least when it's not from them, is evil in their opinion. This is only going to become more problematic. Additionally, streaming quality sucks. It's not hard to record it, but it's so bad I don't see the value in doing so. I can see why the MPAA is so rabid over torrents. They use less bandwidth and you can get a better viewing experience than may be possible in the near future from the rental options.

Comment Re:convenience over quality (Score 1) 360

Of course, I have to wonder, if they've got all these other vectors covered, they clearly have a development process that supports multiple platforms. Would it be that hard to also have a linux client?

I can't imagine so. Doesn't anyone know why else they would be forgoing a linux client?

I would assume that it has something to do with satisfying the MPAA requirements for DRM. But that's just a guess.

Comment Re:TV ain't broken? (Score 1) 839

Every time I get depressed about it, some great new show comes along to renew my faith.

Except in my case they generally get cancelled after less than a season or change direction to appeal to a larger (dumber) audience. That's why I wait until a show has been on a few seasons before watching it on DVD. No commercials, writer strikes or season breaks.

Comment Re:Ethics? (Score 4, Informative) 619

NO. Cultured meat is the product of a factory. Cow meat is the product of an inhumane series of tortures inflicted on a helpless animal.

Cows have been domesticated to the point that I seriously doubt the species could survive on it's own. If it ever comes to pass that synthetic meat supplants them then I'd guess that they'd quickly become an endangered/extinct species. At that point no one will be intentionally setting aside huge pastures for them to graze in . They would become a large destructive animal that has little to no natural habitat left.

Comment Re:Don't bother (Score 1) 383

I expect Firefox 9 to come out when clicking the submit button for this comment.../quote

Actually I thought Slashdot was a little slow with this story. I was prompted about the update earlier today and installed it w/o restarting Firefox. After installing a program that needed the computer to be restarted, I finally shutdown Firefox. Then some time later This story came up on Slashdot. Perhaps they should change the tag line from "News for nerds..." to "History for nerds..."

Comment Re:Midwest Born and Raised (Score 1) 292

To us Midwesterners, the "snowstorm" looks more like a light dusting.

Call me when you have trees collapsing under the weight of ice.

OK, what number should I call you at? Virtually all of the tree in this area still had their leaves on them. This gave the wet heavy snow an awful lot of surface area to stick to. Almost every street has huge branches broken off or trees that collapsed. Personally, all of my trees held up, so I was unaffected. My neighbor has three very large branches down in his yard and another neighbor across the street has a tree that split in half. We only had 5 inches of snow here, I don't think the amount of snowfall is the relevant factor. So can I call that number collect? ;-)

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