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Journal The Gaytriot's Journal: Court Date

I'm glad tomorrow is Thursday. I just finished the first three exhausting days of the week, and I have no school at night on Thursday or Friday. Wednesday is my Friday, which really makes a three day week even though I still have to work Thur. and Fri. That doesn't make it easy though, working during the day and going to school at night are hard enough by themselves. Trying to maintain my bodybuilding routine and repairing computers on the side just adds a little extra to the top.

This week was especially tough, and I had my court date for getting an expensive ticket this morning. I was doing a U-turn right in front of my house where I usually do. I know U-turns are illegal during certain parts of the day, and I knew for sure that I was doing it at a legal time so I was pissed when an unmarked police car pulled me over. It turns out, though, that I was being pulled over because my registration stickers were expired by about 5 months.

That was an $85 ticket, and I went and got registration at the DMV which cost almost $90. The cop said I had a good chance of getting the fine reduced if I went to the court date, so almost three months later this morning I went. Being a dumbass I went to the wrong court building based off of what my brother and boss had told me. I didn't bother reading the actual ticket which had the address of the proper court building.

So I early to the wrong court, I was downtown just a few blocks away so I walked over to the right place and was now running late. Luckily after going through security and waiting in line for a while my case was dismissed by the girl at the front desk. I didn't even have to step into the courtroom or anything.

I'd already taken the morning off of work for this, and despite running late I was out of there by 8:45, so I walked around downtown a bit. It was a fucking nice day today, and I wish I could go out more often especially since summer is winding down. I'd skipped a proper breakfast and was hungry so I looked around for a good place to eat. A few places that looked decent didn't even open for a while so I thought fuck it and just found my car and went to work.

By lunch I was already exhausted from not getting much sleep that last week or so, and I had a big test tonight in my Dif. EQ. class, so I took the afternoon off sick and went home with plans to sleep. I studied for about 4 hours before I slept, and ended up skipping my physics class but it was at least worth it. I did well on the test, got out about 10:20pm and now it's about 11:15pm, so I think I'll hit the sack so I can enjoy my almost-weekend.

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Court Date

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