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Journal The Fun Guy's Journal: Going to Prague 8

After a talk I gave in Bucharest last year, my name has apparently gotten on somebody's list of "speakers worth paying for". This fall I'll be going to Prague, invited by the same parent organization as last year. Unlike the trip to Bucharest, where I was traveling alone, I've managed to convince my wife to come along on this trip. Expensive, but it's a great time of life to do it, and when's the next time she's going to see Prague?

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Going to Prague

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  • Life there is pretty good. And it's beautiful, right time of year.

  • You need to get the next to be in Budapest.

    But with the current pattern it seems more likely to be Vienna or Bratislava.

    With your wife along I don't want to crash a romantic time - but if you want to meet up again let me know.

    • After how I crashed mid-day in Bucharest AND made you miss your train, I was afraid to ask!

      Yeah, this will be a romantic getaway for us. It's the first trip we've taken without kids in... in... actually, I can't remember the last one. Austin, TX for a wedding, maybe? 8 years ago?

      If they keep inviting me over, I'll keep bouncing around all the European cities I never thought I'd get a chance to see. Who knows... maybe Budapest will be one of them! 8-)

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