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Comment Tax funded lunches? (Score 2) 631

"'I buy my lunch with after-tax dollars,' said McMahon. 'And I have to pay taxes to support free meals for those Google employees.'"

How exactly do tax dollars go to fund the lunches at Google's cafeterias? Last time I checked, that money came from revenue earned by Google, through its business. You know, from working.

How would the government prove that a given employee is actually eating the meals? Do they have a swipe card that tracks them? What if they are bringing their own lunch?

Comment I am not allowed to view porn at work... (Score 1) 187

Adult pornography is not generally illegal, true, but unless you actually work in the industry it probably is not appropriate for the office.

Fairly, however, an employee should be instructed as to what is and is not appropriate for work before they can be disciplined for violating it. I remember being presented with an internet use policy when I was hired, as well as sexual harassment training. So it you are told in advance not to do certain things at work, and you freely agree not to do them, you can then be disciplined for doing said actions.

Otherwise one could argue the old "No one told me porn at work was not allowed!" a la George Costanza.

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