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Comment Who kills more projects quicker? (Score 1) 50

Between Google and Amazon, I wonder who kills more projects and what their lifespans are. I remember waiting on Amazon's credit card swiper until they had a chip version. The rates were better than square and others. Jokes on me, they killed the whole program instead of making one.

Comment Re:Unbeatable (Score 1) 30

I can't stand Inform 7. I tried it when it first came out. Seemed like a huge breakthrough but sheer level of pointless verbosity really made it inviable for me. For example, the last thing I tried doing was adding an extension. When you include it you have to type out the full name and even "by ". One of the many wastes of time! This was a long time ago when it first came out, I can not speak for it now. Is it any better?
Role Playing (Games)

Developer Explains Clone/Transhumanist RPG 41

destinyland writes "How much would you use technology to change yourself if humanity faced extinction? In this interview, the two creators behind Eclipse Phase explain their bizarre role-playing game, which 'expands the transhuman conversation.' All the characters can be identical clones, and when you switch bodies, it affects your core characteristics while damaging your sanity. But its spookiest concept is close to reality today: the idea of universal surveillance in which 'everything is networked and equipped with sensors and all meshed together.'"

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