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Comment that's still not reality (Score 1) 122

'Reality, it would seem, is the new escapism.'

Games like those described may seem to be about reality on the surface, but they're actually more about escapism than ever before. What players are escaping from is chaos: a world where the rules are unknown, or at least imperfectly understood. In comparison, games have relatively simple, consistent rules to master, and a mastery over those rules gives the player a feeling of power and, by extension, the impression that the game world is "more fair." This is accentuated in a game that takes place in a realistic setting, as it encourages the player to draw direct comparisons between his success in the game world and his success in the real world.

Comment Re:WTF is Linux? (Score 1) 133

I disagree, though your analogy to the "Got Milk?" campaign is quite apt. The message is not "go buy Linux" but "Linux is good for you."

Linux-based products have been on the marked for a while now, and are seeing a real surge in netbooks, but many, when faced with a system that comes with "Linux" or "Windows," make the choice simply out of a fear of the unknown. The customer hasn't ever hear of that Linux thing, but they've heard of Windows, so they'll go with that.

This campaign is more of a PSA, intent on allaying that fear.

Of course, IBM tried this before, and Linux has been widely successful in the server space, after all.

Comment Re:really? (Score 1) 276

No-one's under an obligation to use a new version of a licence,

They are if they use/modify AGPL code. Say, for example, that I have a website based on Drupal. If Drupal adopts the AGPL, any modifications I make to Drupal must now be released, either by contributing them back to the project, or as sources I supply myself.

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