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Data Storage

Submission + - InPhase Holographic storage finally dead

The Bender writes: It appears that the eternally "few years away" holographic storage developer InPhase Technologies has finally curled up and died, culminating a couple of years of gradual decline and questionable activities in its attempts to stay solvent. The company was spun out of Lucent 10 years ago on a wave of promise in new optical data storage technologies, almost all of which have quietly rolled over, and dutifully worked its way through well over $100M of investment. We have discussed them and their promises of TB-capacity removable discs many times before, but it looks like this could be the last one.

Candy Linked To Violence In Study 205

T Murphy writes "A study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry links daily consumption of candy at the age of 10 to an increased chance of being convicted of a violent crime by age 34. The researchers theorize the correlation comes from the way candy is given rather than the candy itself. Candy frequently given as a short-term reward can encourage impulsive behavior, which can more likely lead to violence. An alternative explanation offered by the American Dietetic Association is that the candy indicates poor diet, which hinders brain development. The scientists stress they don't imply candy should be removed from a child's diet, although they do recommend moderation. The study controls for teachers' reports of aggression and impulsivity at age 10, the child's gender, and parenting style. The study can be found here, but the full text is behind a paywall."

Submission + - Dr Who composer wrote dance music in the 60s

The Bender writes: "The BBC has uncovered a vast archive left by the composer of the original Dr Who music. Delia Derbyshire, a Cambridge maths and music graduate whose favorite instrument was a green lampshade, had already left the BBC Radiophonic Workshop by the time syntheizers were invented. All the same, she managed to produce a track that Paul Hartnoll (of Orbital) said "could be coming out next week on Warp Records". The link contains plenty of audio clips."

Submission + - Six-way kidney op opens door to more transplants 1

The Bender writes: "The BBC is reporting a 6-way kidney transplant operation. Six people needing new organs all had willing donors that did not match them, but did match another member of the group. They therefore "swapped" donors, and all six operations were carried out simultaneously to avoid any last-minute backouts. Doctors speculate that this method of group matching could allow far more life-saving transplantations to take place in the future."

Submission + - Largest planetarium in the UK opens to the public (

The Bender writes: "The new dome at INTECH will open to the public tomorrow in a ceremony featuring Terry Pratchett and Patrick Moore. It has a rack of computer equipment with a total of 32 TB ram running a 6 full-color digital projectors facing an 16.5-meter diameter 360 degree aluminium screen with mm-accuracy. What's more exciting is that it's a public attraction rather than a tightly controlled university or research instrument. Now, how do you fire up Doom on that thing?"

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