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Comment Evolving Industry (Score 1) 369

The gaming industry is changing. Every one of the major players is trying to find a way to change with it and are taking different paths to find out which works and which doesn't work doesn't make them evil or good.. They are just trying to find a way to produce games and be profitable is the goal, they are forcing you to anything (which would be evil). So, what's happening is what you should WANT to happen.

What does vilifying those that have a different viewpoint accomplish?


Submission + - Games Workshop bullies author over use of the words "space marine" (

jzoetewey writes: "An author I know (MCA Hogarth) recently had her book "Spots the Space Marine" taken off Amazon because Games Workshop claimed it violated their trademark. The interesting thing? Their trademark doesn't include ebooks or novels. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the money to fight them.

Plus the idea of a space marine was around long before they were.

Anyway, Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing has written something about it:"


Submission + - Tweetmap – Beautiful maps of real-time tweets using contiguous cartograms (

An anonymous reader writes: Tweetmap is a real-time, live map of the world. Each country contracts and expands using contiguous cartograms to proportionally represent the volume of tweets sent. It's a beautiful demonstration of the ebb and flow of daily tweets. It dramatically highlights the lack of tweets from countries China, as well as highlighting countries that you wouldn't expect to tweet as much as they do (check out Indonesia).

Submission + - Nearly a third of all computers are infected with malware (

Orome1 writes: "PandaLabs released its annual security report which details an extremely interesting year of data theft, social networking attacks and cyber-warfare. The most devastating news? 31.98 percent of all computers scanned around the world had malware. In 2012, Trojans dominated the threat landscape more than ever before. Three out of every four malware infections were caused by Trojans (76.56 percent). One of the reasons for this growth was the increased use of exploit kits such as Black Hole, which are capable of exploiting multiple system vulnerabilities to infect computers automatically without user intervention. Viruses came second (8 percent), whereas worms dropped to third place accounting for 6.44 percent of all infections."

Submission + - Xbox 720 expected to require an Internet connection to function (

An anonymous reader writes: With the launch of the Xbox 720 Microsoft is expected to completely wipe out the used gaming market. The reason being the console will be an always-connected device that will require a constant connection to the next version of Xbox Live in order to function.

The games will be made available to buy through Xbox Live or in physical form using a 50GB Blu-ray disc format and a one-time use activation code. The leaked specs of the machine are also accurate.

This time it’s Sony who has the upper hand simply because they are giving developers much more freedom with the hardware and development libraries. So while the hardware may end up being very similar in both consoles, it’s going to be easier to work with the PS4 and get more performance out of it.


Submission + - Google gets approval to buy Motorola (

An anonymous reader writes: From the Article:
Today, the European Commission approved the acquisition of Motorola by Google. Joaquín Almunia, Commission Vice President in charge of competition polices stated that they will be continuing to watch Google as the acquisition goes through. It was a unanimous decision by the Commission as well. The European Commission and the United States Justice Department often coordinate over big deals like this, so it is very likely the deal will get approval by the US within a few weeks.

Comment Bonus Content? (Score 1) 908

So, if you buy the game new, you get content. If you buy the game used, you don't get that content but are still able to play the game.

So is it "bonus" content that rewards the people who paid full price for the game? Sounds like it.

I like buying used cars but I don't complain if the "new car smell" is gone. I didn't want it nor want to pay for it so....

Just fail to see what all the "outrage" is about...

Comment MicroCell (Score 1, Informative) 103

Thought I'd point out that I have an Epic and in tests I've run against iPhone's (3g, 3gs, 4g), it's been faster than them all at internet access. This went against the tests though showing the iPhone 4g was faster. Then, at the bottom of the page I saw that the iPhone's where benefiting from a 3g microcell. Talk about apples to oranges...

This article was written by people just barely technologically literate so I'll give another vote for it being written by someone's marketing department.

As for the battery life, I'm getting a solid day of usage out of mine (12-15 hours) after the last firmware update. They say they are rolling Froyo out now starting overseas so hopefully in a few weeks it'll make it here.

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