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Comment Re:I love ARMs... (Score 0) 390

Quite true.
I'm 22 and currently studying EE in Denmark, and for a semester project, we're (4 of us) in the middle of building a M68k-based answering machine. M68k assembler, C, digital and analog hardware, interfacing to various peripherals.

While it might not be the newest hardware, it's still perfectly good as an educational tool.

Comment Re:Hmmmmm. (Score 1) 461

I know that there has been quite a few replies to this already, but I just wanted to chime in: I don't want people spying on my stuff. As soon as IPredator opens up, I'll buy an account if they're any better than Relakks (PPTP sucks ass!).
I'll use it when using WLAN on the train, when using unsecured WLAN at the university, when I'm at my parents', when I'm at the library, whenever.

Oh. I smoke weed as well, and I quite like having paraphernalia available; luckily I live in Europe.

Comment A mirror -- just in case (Score 2, Informative) 80

Funny how has disappeared from /. in the last few years. I kinda miss the reliability. It seems like twice a day some poor website is blasted half way around the world because of /., why not use some more?

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