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Comment Re:RadioShack (Score 2) 105

What's puzzling is they either missed or ignored the rise of the whole maker/hacker space movement that's happening right now. Kids are getting back into building and tinkering with stuff, but RadioShack is DOA. Their whole business model is completely incoherent. They should have dominated this space.

^--This. What happened, apparently, is they tried to be everything. You want cellphones? Sure, we've got that. Computers? Sure. Electronics? Well, we'll see what we have left in terms of shelf space... The suits want profits, and don't want to miss out on whatever the next big thing is. I'm sure their electronics hobbyist business generates very small profits compared with, for example, smartphones. I think their business model just played itself out.

Comment Re:And why should this be done? (Score 1) 696

Of course, many people are not particularly good at anything, so they may have personalities weak enough to be formed to a degree. But these people will never find the dedication and level of fascination with coding that is an absolute pre-requisite to ever be good at it.

This is the purest bullshit. There are very good coders, mediocre coders and very bad coders, the same as in every other field of human endeavour. Programmers are not special snowflakes.

That's not what my Mom said.

Comment Re:The War On Drugs is a War On Sick People (Score 1) 53

Citation needed.

I'll bet you haven't counted foir profit markup, legal overhead to sue the shit out of the homeboy still cooking in his basement, government licensing fees, local healthcare taxes, administrative overhead, etc.

The end of prohibition *should* have put the moonshiners out of business. Guess what, they're still around. Assuming that legalizing drugs will suddenly drive the criminal enterprises out of business or into legal business.... Well, naive people are naive.

No, but.. citation needed. How much moonshining going on nowadays? I really don't know, but it is pretty minimal. At best this is not a good example. Try the situation with weed in states where it is now recently legal. See also: Netherlands.

Comment Re:well (Score 1) 242

What you say about Trump sucking up the attention so that more reasonable republican candidates can't get any attention, I think is true also of Hillary and Bernie Sanders. Bernie sanders is not in any sense electable, but he drowns out any real opposition to Hillary.

That would be true if Sanders were not experiencing a near media blackout, at least until recently. I heard a BBC story a couple weeks ago that mentioned the Dem race and how there was "no serious opposition" to Clinton, and DID NOT MENTION SANDERS AT ALL. I was dumbfounded. Now finally the mainstream media are apparently catching up. Also, Sanders is the liberal front-runner and, I'm going out on a limb here, the likely nominee. (OK, yes, I am a Bernie fan.) He has the momentum and I think he can pull it off. Then again, just last week I found out that Webb is also in the race. What? How did I not know this? You can say Bernie has sucked all the oxygen out of the room, but I would again say Trump is the main media darling/punching bag. He is stealing "new cycles" (like CPU cycles only newsier) from all the other candidates across the board, on both sides of the aisle. He gets coverage because he is off the hook and an epic asshole. It's like the supermarket store shelves can only carry so many brands, and most of the shelf space is Trump Trump Trump.

Also, I disagree that Bernie is not electable. Case in point, today's political upheavals in Australia and the UK. Of course, the US is a completely different political animal. Simply put, the US electorate is mostly stupid, reacting to tabloid politics and little else. That's why we are where we are. Then again, who thought Obama was electable?

Anyway, must be time for coffee..

Comment Re:well (Score 1) 242

The media won't let it be boring. We give more media coverage to a list of people who are not running, than we do to good candidates like Jim Webb that actually are running. There certainly are links between the two, but money in politics is looking like less of a problem to me than the media picking favorites and covering only people who are newsworthy. As long as the media defines the political winners and losers, we will remain completely fucked.

Money is controlling the media. It all goes back to the money. Wait, Jim Webb is indeed running. How did I not know that? (the media, thanks media)

... and another thing, another evil being perpetrated is the smokescreen created by Trump and his band of merry media cohorts.. "what Trump said today.. film at 11". It's a sideshow that is drawing attention away from the rest of the candidates, notably the abhorent views of many of the other Republican candidates. When the "sensible" Republican voters (yeah, I know, but follow me here for a moment..) attempt to pick a candidate, they will have scant real information on any of them, because Trump has basically sucked all the oxygen out of the room. I believe the candidates are somewhat in on the joke here. All Jeb, for example, has to do is appear slightly less batshit crazy than the rest of them and the lemmings will follow him, or any of the other corrupt assholes.

Comment Re: Programming (Score 1) 616

Well now we are talking about mathematicians. They have to write their own Integer class because MAX_INT just isn't close enough. But more seriously, readability, maintainability and good coding practices are something you learn from experience, not some innate understanding of the concepts. If you had to choose between working code that's unreadable or non-working code that is readable, which would you take? Not that that's a good example, most bad programmers I know produce code that doesn't work and is unreadable.

Easy. Readable and coherent non-working code can be fixed. Unreadable working code is going to bite you in the ass one way or another. "Well, we want you to modify it to do X." Then what? I deal with this all the time. Don't you? Bad coders make simple tasks complex and complex tasks impossible.

Comment Re: Programming (Score 1) 616

Someone inherently good at programming will be inherently good at math and vise versa. Someone who can't understand mathematical concepts will struggle with logical ones. As to your point about engineers, most of the best programmers I know came from fields other than programming that required a higher level of mathematics, like engineering.

Well, I have seen brilliant mathematicians who write the... Worst. Code. Ever. Sure, they can write code that works, but some of them have no experience in making that code readable (read: maintainable by anyone other than the authors).

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