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Comment Re:but why so much? (Score 1) 211

Wondering the same but just watching at the current situation there little difference between kiddiporn and some 12 yo downloading the latest Biever POS.

Soon Facebook will be the sanctioned INTERNET (with it's own currency and all) and everything outside will be cast with a shadow of illegality. Prove me wrong.

Comment Re:Nice way to get viral on Google+ (Score 1) 354

Someone may be poaching someone..

"Yes, after you put this rant on your G+ and accidentally share it with everyone, we'll sign the contract. get it?"

I'm kidding that can't possibly happen this day and age, what I find shocking is to know about an employee not being satisfied by the company aims!! /s

Whatever "Facebook gets it" I don't want G+ to get it, and I don't even use G+.

Comment Re:Is this thing on? Hello? (Score 1) 519

People can choose, you know, to not use social networks if it can have real-world, physical consequences.

Last time I checked a $social_network account is not needed for anything in real world. Now what I don't get is the ethical problem, You mean like making your personal info available to some third party that can selfishly or accidentally leak it or abuse it? So, again, Why do you use a social network in the first place if you're so worried about that? And why is this just a Google+ problem? Can't diaspora pods be compromised if that SN ever become mainstream? Do you think your personal info is better on the hands of credit card issuers? right.

Comment Re:cross-posted from a place too dumb for it (Score 1) 331

That would get over 9000 on reddit. But in reddit you know you're facing stupidity while in /. you really have to try to figure if the poster is sarcasm impaired or just plain idiot.

The fact that anyone believes that an 8mp camera and voice recognition is innovating on the mobile market pretty much tells you someone is getting payed by the word. The iPhone 4S seems like a dud, Jobs is Death (RIP) so you all can wait for an overdose of turf babble in the next weeks.

Comment Re:WTF??! (Score 1) 199

Yes, but Linux is almost untouchable in the servers, nobody sane would deploy a big gig on Win Server without having too much money to waste, even PHBs know they can instead save that bucks, hire competent Linux admins and still pocket some for the trip to Aruba.

Open source just need to deliver a competitive Exchange (AD?) alternative and see the market share for Win Server start to crumble.

Comment Re:What kind of touchscreen? (Score 1) 203

I think is not meant for your "quality real use" market.

Irony is that the device is created to extend the penetration of distance education in India, not for bloggin about your sandwich or twetting about your facebook update about your blog post.

Being a piece or Really Crappy hardware theres no doubt it will be more useful to more people than every single iPad Galaxy Tab And DerpBook created.

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