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Comment I couldn't care less... (Score 1) 685

... about Unity.

I only use GNU/Linux on my servers, for which I don't even care to install the GUI packages. I SSH into them and am all set. And most of them run Ubuntu Server. Installation was breeze and they've been rock solid ever since.

I also don't have problems with video and sound card drivers, audio subsystems or any of the most common annoyances of GNU/Linux users.

For desktop use, I still swear by Mac OS X. I don't care about it not being "free as is freedom", as it's not "free as in beer" either. It works great for me.

Comment Re:World News brought to you by a /. poll (Score 1) 292

Yes, both the male and female teams!

But soccer is much, much bigger. It's THE national sport.

In the US, football, baseball and basketball have a lot of media attention. In that sense, soccer is the only sport in Brazil.

I am a skateboarder. Brazil is the second biggest market for skateboarding in the world, losing only to the US. We have lots and lots of professional and amateur skateboarders. We are also the only country in the world, other than the US, that manufactures all the components of a skateboard. Ask an average brazilian and they don't know that!

Comment Re:Article fule of junk - opinion (Score 1) 153

Wikipedia's article about Brazil is a good start. Check the Geography section. You'll see that Brazil occupies almost 48% of South America. So, Brazil is not a small part of it at all.

Yes, the Amazon rainforest is shrinking day after day, but not even close to the "edge of collapse". There are better sources of information, but Wikipedia provides some, like:

"The mean annual deforestation rate from 2000 to 2005 (22,392 km2 or 8,646 sq mi per year) was 18% higher than in the previous five years (19,018 km2 or 7,343 sq mi per year).[37] Deforestation has declined significantly in the Brazilian Amazon since 2004.[38]"

Better laws, better enforcement and better pressure from NGOs like WWF has shown results. It could be better, but it's progressing.

There is one hydroelectric plant that the government is trying to get built since 1985, called "Belo Monte". Ecologists and native brazilians (our "indians") are trying to stop the government since then. I tried to google it, but I can't find any articles in English. This dam would be built in the Amazon, covering a very large area, but nothing as big as Tucuruí or Itaipú. The natives are complaining that the dam's reservoir will cover ancient cemetaries and stuff like that.

The dam I was talking about -- which I think is the only one being built right now -- is at the border between Rio and Minas Gerais, thousands of miles away from the Amazon.

Comment Re:You must be on the take. (Score 1) 153

Then, I conclude we have different opinions on the matter and we'll never ever reach an agreement.

In my opinion, it doesn't matter how politicians cause harm to the population -- the population is harmed anyway.

So, if the US or Brazil is more or less fucked up than each other is a matter of opinion.

I know a lot of people that live in the US and think it's great. I know people that went to the US and started businesses over there and are doing well. I also know a lot of people that have a nice life here in Brazil, myself included.

My point is: it could be better, but it's not nearly as bad as some brazilians commented here.

To sum it up: it's hard to find an american criticizing the US to foreigners. Americans tend to work for the benefit of the nation. OTOH, it's pretty easy to find a brazilian criticizing Brazil and not even trying to fix it. That's where Brazil is totally fucked up.

Comment Re:What's New? (Score 1) 153

We don't have socialists anymore. Worker's Party (PT - Partido dos Trabalhadores) used to flirt with socialism, but now they just got convinced that the right wing was right (no pun intended).

Every party here is the same these days. All are friends and benefit from their schemes together.

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