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Comment Re:Time will show...and within the week. (Score 1) 180

If they haven't fixed this within the week, I'm going to consider this malicious intent. If they do, I'll consider it sloppy QA.

In either case Lenovo have lost considerable reputation in my eyes...and this isn't the first time they've walked the edge between malice and incompetence, so they were already sliding down. I doubt that I'll recommend them to anyone for any purpose after this, but new stories are always popping up, and this isn't yet egregious enough that I'm sure I'll remember them as "always avoid".

The reason for "within the week", is that by then my opinions will have set, and I'll have my attention off this story. It gets pretty hard to change my mind after that, and currently I'm leaning towards malicious.

P.S.: While I'm only talking for myself, I don't delude myself that my thoughts and opinions are unique. So for Lenovo time *is* of the essence. If I don't become convinced that they weren't malicious this story will tack on the addendum "and then they lie about it".

It's been with the developers since last July. So I guess you're late to the party.

Comment Re:Good news for me (Score 1) 180

You're nuts if you even consider Lenovo after the crapstorm they were caught doing on their systems. I spent the last 10 years of my sysadmin career supporting Dell corporate systems and now that I'm retired, thats is ALL I will buy/recommend.. Lenovo/HP/Asus all suck donkey balls.

If you're buying the consumer/home user models of laptops for your business you get what you pay for.

Comment Re:BCH psch = T4 program (Score 1) 294

You guys are all a bunch of wakos. Seriously.

What could possibly motivate a hospital staff to open themselves up to negligence lawsuits just so that they could ... what? Torture a patient for jollies? Or something?

Before you draw conclusions that fit your tinfoil hat world view, please just spend even the tiniest moment trying to reason out why any group of people would behave in a way that defies logic, before concluding that this is what they must have done.

A single person can do batshit crazy stuff, yes. But a group of professionals working in a hospital? Nope. Not going to happen. There may be some bending of rules, some I'll-scratch-your-back-if-you'll-scratch-mine situations, but a group of doctors intentionally trying to injure a child? That doesn't happen. Period.

Because some doctors act like they are the hand of god. All it takes is the right circumstances and criteria (ignoring their advice) and they can make a case that you're a negligent parent. The fact that this happened proves it. We see and hear about corrupt politicians all the time including the ones in the election coming up but it's impossible to think that other professions are always angels?

Comment Re:Youtube is a Modern Radio / MTV (Score 1) 125

The record industry clearly sees Youtube as a value advertising mechanism or they wouldn't be uploading every video they make to Youtube. As for the rest, they're essentially adding a new revenue stream by monetizing home video.

You realize radio stations and tv need to license or receive approval to play music? It's not like they can just grab any album and play it over the radio.

Comment Re:You can't get blood from a turnip (Score 1) 125

From what I've read, there's no money to be squeezed from YT right now. The service started in the red and has generally stayed there. Complaining will only generate so much hot air.

If these media companies want to see YT fail and go away that is going to be akin to cutting a leg off to spite their marathon time. Of course, these are the sorts of short-sighted people that they'd do that on the wish that everything would go back to the way it was before the internet got all the kids so uppity and wanting culture to become responsive to their needs and views and not those of the shareholders and market makers.

The problem is if I upload a Taylor Swift video to youtube and it doesn't get taken down until it hits 2 million views, there's click and ad revenue that should've gone to Taylor but instead it goes to no one. That's why the RIAA is so mad. Youtube doesn't have the manpower to police this stuff correctly so it's a lose lose situation for everyone. What will happen is soon every new video will need approval to verify it doesn't break a copyright.

Comment Re:That's too bad.... (Score 0) 125

now they can't blame piracy for poor sales.

They will anyway, the music industry cant never make "enough" profit

Absolutely right. No matter how much money they make, it will never be enough. They will always claim they are making less than they should be making due to (a) Piracy (b) YouTube (c) Streaming services (d) Some other reason. It's always someone else's fault that they aren't making as much money as they think they should.

Technically they are correct though. If you pirate an album the artist doesn't get paid. If you watch a video off a stream that isn't official or VEVO then the ad revenue doesn't go back to the artist. So again they aren't getting paid. If you don't want to pay for the music then why are you listening to it? There's no rational that justifies this today.

Comment Re:Steam is the best of these networks by far (Score 2) 194

Sony has barely enough money to keep itself afloat, let alone buy the most successful PC distributer.

So what? Throughout history there have been many companies who made acquisitions they couldn't afford -- trying to buy their way to success. It's also one of the leading causes of bankruptcies.

Of course but Sony doesn't have the capital to even do that. They just sold off their PC gaming division last year. I don't see them jumping back into it.

Comment Re:Yes and no... (Score 2) 75

Anyone in Australia hacking anything in the US should result in criminal charges (not that it'd ever go to trial unless the perpetrator actually found his or her way to US soil). Period. It doesn't matter if the person doing the hacking is a private citizen or the prime minister.

That said, the "hacking" they're talking about seems to have been giving the guy a link a hyperlink. Calling giving someone a hyperlink and them clicking it a "hack" is a stretch, imo, if that hyperlink doesn't do anything other than connect to a web site. If it downloaded malware or something similar, then ok, but it doesn't sound like that's what happened.

Why should it be illegal if they are law enforcement? We don't go after the thousands of hacks that occur on a daily basis yet you want to single out police by doing it for a good cause?

Comment Re:Violation of the Canadian Constitution and Priv (Score 1) 43

Unlike the USA, Canada has a fairly recent Constitution which explicitly includes the Right of Privacy.

Which includes not having your info slurped up by police without a specific warrant on you as a person.

There are no exceptions.

It has been ruled so by the Canadian Supreme Court.

(caveat: I only wrote Canadian Army regs based on it, so IANAL just someone who had to implement it's provisions)

I don't give 2 shits about privacy and civil rights if the stingray device allows the police to find a kidnap victim. You have no rights once you violate another's humans rights.

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