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Comment Random data storage required. (Score 1) 122

You may notice they never do these stunts on ASCII text files.

The attack always requires to be able to store a large number of random data on the document.
There are 62 different bytes in the provided PDFs : part of these are the edited message, part of them are the 'attack'. That's 496 bits.

So it may be applied to any kind of document allowing to store about 496 bits of (invisible) data on it (and to be on the safe side, I'm assuming even half of that could be enough).
Not all successful attacks will require the size of the document to not change.

To look at it on a subject I dabble in (DNSSEC):
In DNS the chain of trust puts a hash of the zone key on the level above, along with a 16 bits checksum.
I'm assuming the checksum to only represent a 'minor' inconvenience.

This means that an RSA DNS key may be forged as it's basically stored as the exponent followed by any number of bytes (limited to 1KB : more than enough).
On another hand Elliptic curve seems out of the question as their size is small and constant.

All this to say, the vulnerability of SHA-1 is to be taken with a grain of salt.

Comment Re:This could not possibly go wrong. (Score 1) 340

I believe you misunderstand the meaning of "communist".
In short ...
Communism is opposed to capitalism.
Fascism is opposed to liberalism.
Liberalism is, among other things, about accepting implicitly every idea and wanting to discussing about it.
Fascism is, on the same subject, about thought police and censorship.

A few quick searches should point out what I mean.

Comment History repeating itself ? (Score 1) 142

I thought it had already been tried with less complex AI in the last century.
They were basically selling when the price was dropping and buying when the price was rising.
The mass of automated idiots following the same rules led to an amplification of the effect and very soon : ruin.

I think this is the story I'm talking about.

Comment Re:Recursion is dead! (Score 1) 600

Please do not do this.

Do one allocation of the sum of the 3, taking alignment into account (ie: 8) and divide the allocated block to the relevant objects.

One NULL test.

One free.

I understand you were making a point, but we are speaking about "good ways" and this itches so much I had to reply -_-;;;

Comment Re: Doing it wrong? (Score 1) 600

Don't forget that the recursion will most likely save some register context you have no control of plus the call return address.
Plus calling is not free.

That being said, I find the drawback acceptable in most cases.
If optimization is required, there is always time to do a more suitable implementation later.

Comment Tastes great ? (Score 1) 122

One must have severely damaged taste-buds to consider that fast food tastes even remotely '0K'.
If you are used drinking water, eating fresh, lightly seasoned, food (home made, or from a good restaurant), ...
then fast-food tastes like mouth-burning salty/acidic sponge (or sole, depending on the "meal").
Of course, if one is used to fast-food and sodas then water and proper food is probably taste-less : after all, one gets used to pain.

Comment Re:I still use Windows... (Score 2) 498

I had the same issue as you. I ended up choosing against the pain.
Of my ~360 Steam games at the time, only roughly 170 were working on Linux, a few more with Wine. Of course the 30 games I bought since are working fine : the more of us are switching, the faster the editors will follow.

Wine should be the next most important project for gamers on Linux.
You can already have the Witcher 3 menu working now which I find amazing, alas not the game itself (deferred shading support issue I think).

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 498

Microsoft is no competition for anyone.

Who needs them ? The OS is not supposed to be important, the software is.
With W10 taking over, I got rid of my last Window Pro system to replace it with a Linux (openrc).

If a senior wants a computer for surfing the web, I find the mac mini adequate although I replace the mail and the browser by thunderbird and firefox. They don't work against the user and it makes it easy to switch to any other OS for the user.

For anybody else, a Linux covers office, development, games (Steam), ...

My only regret is are a few games that are still Windows only and not working on Wine (yet). But that's an acceptable price.

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