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Comment Re:the answer is simple (Score 1) 212

"Your" advice has already been put in practice by lots of people for many years now.
TVs are selling brain availability to announcers. Like for facebook, the viewer is the product.
To escape advertising, many people have simply cut themselves from TV (as well as "people" crap etc)
Recently, TV has been in decline (I'm not sure if it covers my area, or the whole world) as the "younger" generation increasingly sees no interest in a non-interactive media.

Comment Re:And as I user I finally gave up Netflix. (Score 1) 212

Why, thank you. But your conclusions are a bit hasty. You are presuming both to know the media companies that are pushing this, and that the movies I like are made by them.

Instead of paying a fee for a global heap of crap, I only pay for the few select ones that are worth it.
So you could say now I only support the select few good quality products, which is largely deserved.

Comment And as I user I finally gave up Netflix. (Score 1) 212

As an European, when my VPN finally failed a few months ago, I simply cancelled Netflix.

Since then, I've spent the same level of money I used to pour into Netflix + VPN to buy Blu-Rays of recent good movies (a pretty rare occurrence per year, given the abysmal quality of movies). On the whole, I'm pretty happy with the change.

As for TV series, it's not like if there were many "The Shield", "Breaking bad" or other gems of that level around, so I expect the investment to be pretty low.

In the end it's a win, so I don't plan to go back, ever.

So, thanks Netflix for making me realise this.

Comment Re:Keeping up with the emojis (Score 1) 175

There is no real french equivalent of "I see what you did there". (a.k.a. : saying in one expression you a witty remark)
Perhaps one could say "joli" (nice), or "bien dit" (well said) maybe with a smiley next to it ... but it does not feel natural and they do not require more than 7 bits per character.
Most french-speaking kids would probably end up using the english expression without a clue of how to write it nor its exact meaning.

Comment One step at a time maybe ? (Score 1) 289

First, Mars, then Proxima Centauri (I heard the weather is nice there, at this time of year) ...or wherever.
Somewhere in between, if time allows, I'm sure a lot of people are interested to see a working Hyperloop.

By the way. How comes it's "March" for the month, but "Mars" for the planet and the god ?

Comment Way to polish one's image. (Score 2) 40

This is an appreciated move, that will benefit everyone in the end.
Other Co-Dec developers will improve their work on the sample, and content providers will benefit from the resulting improved quality and/or spared bandwidth.
And of course, at the end of the chain, consumers will enjoy the improvements.

Too bad they were so efficient with their VPN ban.

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