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Comment One step at a time maybe ? (Score 1) 289

First, Mars, then Proxima Centauri (I heard the weather is nice there, at this time of year) ...or wherever.
Somewhere in between, if time allows, I'm sure a lot of people are interested to see a working Hyperloop.

By the way. How comes it's "March" for the month, but "Mars" for the planet and the god ?

Comment Way to polish one's image. (Score 2) 40

This is an appreciated move, that will benefit everyone in the end.
Other Co-Dec developers will improve their work on the sample, and content providers will benefit from the resulting improved quality and/or spared bandwidth.
And of course, at the end of the chain, consumers will enjoy the improvements.

Too bad they were so efficient with their VPN ban.

Comment Sériously ? (Score 5, Interesting) 534

Ha ha ha ha ha.
People hate advertising.
Ad blockers allow people to endure some services. Without them, the choice between being harassed or not using the service seems trivial.

Bar a couple of exceptions, any service that asked me to disable my adblocker just got me closing the page and looking for the next choice.

Comment Re:Lambdas leaving W10 ? (Score 1) 376

It basically means "a normal user", and up to a minute ago I didn't realise it was a French expression (Utilisateur Lambda), or so it seems.
An accurate definition would be "a person who uses a system like the majority of its users without looking for advanced features".
It was first learned by yours truly trough an english native speaker, hence the confusion.

Comment Lambdas leaving W10 ? (Score 2) 376

I just heard about a couple of friends who got rid of W10 by replacing it by a "Linux" (That's all I got for the OS name).
The husband is a bit above the average computer level of a lambda guy in his 30ies.
The wife's skills are around "reading mail, using word and surfing the web".
Both are happy with the new OS.

Also, this week-end I noticed that a couple of older (60+?) acquaintances started using an Apple computer.

Up to now, only some the geeks around me were kicking W10 out for an alternative.

I find the fact that at least some "normal" people are also moving away both surprising and heartwarming.

Comment Were it not for games ... (Score 1) 376

I'm in the process of reinstalling my main computer with 7 (professionnal).
I would put a Linux on it if it were not for video games I still plan to start some day. (manjaro-openrc : I'd rather not be plagued by systemd)
As soon as a wine/kvm can properly run games, I'll keep only a windows as a virtual machine just for Steam, GoG (and even Origin, as I was foolish enough to buy a handful on that shop).
The last change on the Windows 10 pro was the proverbial last straw. It's borderline criminal.

Comment Re:Just wait until ms turns the data over (Score 1) 112

Linux is 'only' a kernel. There are also the BSDs and Hurd (which is suprisingly functional, it runs at least one of the available nameserver daemons fine).

You have to trust the distribution and for that you have to look at what it's made of.

Just imagine that some distributions were packaging some tentacular piece of software (and buggy, of course, as free-of-bug is next to impossible in any complex system). It would be very convenient and relatively easy to hide something smelly there.

Thankfully a good deal of Linux distributions are following the tenants "do one thing and do it well", which helps keeping them safe.

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