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Comment Re: No, it's definitely a UFO (Score 1, Insightful) 124

The use of the word UFO is implicitly biased.

Flying implies a "machine" or possibly "creature" (*)
Object implies "built".

UAP should be used instead.

(*) accurate since in fact the first OVNI ever reported was a bird.
The pilot told about a v-shaped thing that was moving "a bit like a saucer bouncing on water".
It would have been nothing but a journalist reported it badly (of course) only keeping the movement of the object instead of its shape ...
This lead to a history of hysterical reports of flying saucers, when instead we should have got a history of hysterical reports of flying v-shaped "bouncing" objects.

Comment It has some negative impact, at the leasy. (Score 3, Insightful) 189

These stupid warnings ended up pissing me off so much I simply stopped buying disks.
For a while I switched to a well know ads-free streaming platform, until they banned VPN.
Since I simply browse the web, read books or play games.

They should not underestimate how much customers despise being interrupted with stupid insulting warnings (or worse : anti-piracy videos)

What genius didn't realise the pirates will not be the ones seeing these annoying messages ?

Comment Negative spin on something good ... (Score 1) 295

That's how "news" work now.

The job, if anyone doubted it, is to make people angry or afraid, making their brain more available for advertising.
So when something is good (less people dying) you spin it as a negative.

"Oh no, less people dying means that we will have a shortage of organs to save people"
(Excluding people not needing an organ because they weren't in a car accident)

Great job.

Comment Re:Pointless (Score 1) 531

I've yet to see a job made by an Indian team that was not utterly incompetent.
But yes, given the geniuses that want lower-cost-per-employee, a strategy is to hire a few experts and a bunch of Indians. The first group works on the project, the second group generates crap on an isolated versioning system. In the end, the cost-per-head is lower and the project made by the experts is ready.

Comment Re:How do they block (Score 1) 112

Please feel free to tell me when someone breaks a real-life (a.k.a without any known weakness) 1024 bits RSA key. These keys are rolling "fast".
If the keys ended being broken, DNS will be the least of our problems but it will be trivial for ROOT to revoke the old keys and use stronger ones (size or algorithm).

Note that if you take care to look at the root zone, you'll see both the KSK and ZSK are 260 bytes long. That is : 256 bytes or 2048 bits for the modulus.

I'm trying to understand where you are going with DNSSEC. If you mean using a 'private' validating caching name server : yes, this may help and very easy to do (I'm using one right now on an Odroid).

Anyway, if push comes to shove, it would be trivial to set a local resolver looking on a third-party server on a non-DNS port or tunnel on TCP. Technical solutions are legion.

Comment Re: How can you even argue with Netflix? (Score 1) 162

This was increasingly happening to me too.
Then they banned VPN usage, reducing my choices even more and leading to a satisfying cancellation of the subscription.
If quality-lovers where all cancelling, Netflix could then focus on serving mostly bad content and let a (new) competitor serving mostly quality rise up to serve the "niche" we represent.

Comment Do they know about multitasking ? (Score 1) 162

While I was a Netflix subscriber (before the VPN ban), I was already appalled by the lack of quality content.

The way I handled it was by using the worthless Netflix shows as background noise (ie: doing the chores) and reserved the few good ones for when I had a couple of hours to chill-out in front of the screen.

I know for a fact that's a quite common habit around here.

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