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Comment Re:Sad Day (Score 1) 1051

Because there isn't a libertarian definition for "life". That's been my whole point since the beginning. To continue your discussion though, the definition you want them to adopt isn't even a good one. By that definition if you had a couple conjoined twins that wouldn't survive if they were seperated then it would be rational to carve one out at the request of the other, because he's not "self sustaining". Now you'll add "unless x y z" to your test, but it just isn't a logical base for determining if someone is human / alive / sapient and whether they deserve to have legal rights. Really, the fact that one person's body is dependant on another person is immaterial for determining if it is an entity. Abortion is barbaric if you decide there are two entities involved, so the only rational and moral way to support it is to decide that the child at different stages isn't "alive", and then you're just talking about opinions and arbitrary distinctions about when it actually is alive (in vietnam it's not alive until it's been born, so there is no limit to how late you can abort). So join in and make up arbitrary distinctions with everyone else, but don't pretend that they are supported by rational scientific rigor.

Comment Re:Sad Day (Score 1) 1051

I don't agree with that definition. What does sustaining itself have to do with being alive? Lots of people can't sustain themselves for a lot of different reasons, that doesn't mean they are not alive or shouldn't have rights / be protected. Brain activity is a much better measurement if you want to use pure science.

Comment Re:Sad Day (Score 1) 1051

I get what you're saying, and I happen to agree with you to some extent, but it's still an arbitrary distinction. In any case, many legal abortions are done well after the third trimester which I believe IS murder; and I am libertarian. Abortion is not an issue that can be easily classified against the general libertarian philosophy because it depends on when you arbitrarily declare the beginning of life is.

Comment Re:Sad Day (Score 1) 1051

You consider abortion private, because you don't consider it murder. Once you make that logical leap, it clearly ceases to be a private matter. Unfortunately for you, the personhood of different stages of fetus is still wildly open to interpretation, and therefore you can not be "correct", only opinionated. The non coercian principle is the best libertarian test. Abortion is still ambigious because either way one party is forced (the mother or the child).

Comment Re:Will it start a renaissance? (Score 1, Interesting) 170

We don't know the reason why there won't be a linux port because they never said why, so stop making crap up. Frankly, I wouldn't even care to hear an excuse, since it would just be bull anyway. Humble Indie Bundle has already proven that Linux users will pay 20% of total donations for even crappy games, and since there's already Android and Mac versions slated it would be simple to hire Ryan Gordon (or anyone else) to do the port.

Comment Re:Will it start a renaissance? (Score 3, Informative) 170

I don't want to get anyone's hopes up because a Linux port is probably still completely off the table, but in response to the large number of comments on the Shadowrun Returns kickstarter page they replied:

"... Anyway, we want to let you know that we're definitely listening to your feedback and you can expect a full, considered response about Linux early this week. As a company, we are being very careful not to over-commit to ideas and features just to get more funding - everything we decide to include in Shadowurn Returns needs to be within our ability to deliver as part of a great product."

Comment Finally some sanity returns (Score 1) 81

And there are third party packages for Fedora and Ubuntu!

I don't want to get into the debate of whether or not gnome-shell is an improvement over the traditional desktop. Either way, it was wrong for them to push it unfinished on unsuspecting users. Now I can start promoting linux again, something I've had to stop doing because of all the coolaid drinking that has been going on in the UI space. My wife has been on Fedora 14 and now I can upgrade her without her killing me.

Comment Seems half baked to me (Score 1) 171

I hate to say it because I'm a big fan of gnome and fedora, but from a technical standpoint this release is really sub par. I've had more problems with installation with 15 than any I can remember in recent history.

- For the first time the installer requires more than the 512gigs of ram on my laptop, had to do a network update
- new kernel won't detect network card on PC, had to force latest fedora 14 kernel to get online
- Oh look, evolution changed it's mail folder structure and decided to delete all my existing email
- Random freezes when doing large file transfers??
- Now my PC hangs indefinitely on reboot unless I hit the power switch
- Gnome shell is a little clunky but its growing on me. To bad they removed every menu option to turn off the computer except the oh-so-useful Suspend... the option every computer needs except the vast majority that aren't laptops

Comment Isn't the cat already out of the bag? (Score 1) 286

I've been using FreeNX since Fedora 8 or so and it's superior in just about every way to VNC. Yeah, it's annoying brittle when the distro's packages are broken or not configured correctly, but that's just an implementation issue. The way it caches X calls makes a remote desktop run at local speeds over most broadband. This is a technology that needs to be brought mainstream.

That said, this is probably not the end of the world. They weren't bragging about any protocol level enhancements, more user level enhancements like a "revamped client GUI" which were never available under an open source license anyway. The core NX library is probably pretty mature by now. Since all future development on their side will be closed, it presents the opportunity for a real project to grow up around a fork. No more being held back by lockstep to a company that never wanted a successful open solution to begin with.

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