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Comment Re:Emergency cell tower (Score 4, Informative) 90

After Hurricane Katrina, T-Mobile did something very similar. The mounted what is commonly referred to as a COW (Cell on Wheels) onto a helicopter, then flew over the flooded areas. If a cell phone attempted to connect to the tower (Any GSM handset, didn't have to be t-mobile) they were then able to fly around and triangulate the position and find survivors.

Comment Games vs Movies (why are they different) (Score 1) 478

This should not be about poll results but about the legality of the government stepping in and regulating the sale of this material. Video games should be treated the same way as movies. There is a self regulating body for both movies and games, the MPAA for movies, and the ESRB for video games. In both cases, ratings are applied to video games, and then the store decides what policies it wants to enact when selling them, and finally the choice of the customer whether or not to purchase the game or movie. Most stores that I have been to require an ID check for anyone appearing to be under the age of 18.

If it's a crime to sell video games with certain ratings to certain age groups, then it follows that the next step is to restrict the purchase of videos. After that the government will need to enact their own rating boards. And the final step is government censorship.

Comment The issue with Multi-Platform Android Phones (Score 2, Informative) 405

The issue with multi-platform Android phones is demonstrated with the new Motorola Charm device. If any of you browse android apps, and like to read comments before downloading you have no doubt come across comments such as: "Won't work on my Charm", or "Crashes on my Motorola Charm". The issue with devices such as this entry level android phone is that they set the bar so much lower than your standard android handset. In this case the Charm has only a 600 MHz Processor and no stand alone GPU. Combine this with the bloated moto-blur software package that Motorola installs by default on it's Android handsets, and the user experience is going to be affected. The only viable solution that I can think of is to ensure that the Android market can pull the phone's user agent and software version, then only list apps that are usable on that system. Of course developers will need to test and flag which system combinations their software will run on, and they're already complaining about having to do this (and it's not a requirement yet).

Comment Algae + Trees = Profit (Score 1) 176

Combine this with those artificial trees that pull CO2 from the air. Use Artificial Trees to gather CO2 from the air, Use CO2 to feed Algae (along with salt water), Use algae to create ethanol AND potable water, use ethanol to create fuel, burn fuel for transportation, capture released CO2 using artificial trees Charge for water and ethanol fuel add a CO2 collection tax to car and fuel purchases Profit ???

Comment My take (Score 1, Interesting) 273

My take on why apple should be punished isn't the exclusivity deal with AT&T being the only seller of the product, but with them disabling the product on other carriers, such that you can't use the itunes service if you did unlock the phone. Phones have been carrier locked for years, but most carriers can provide unlock codes for these phones once the contractual obligation is met, freeing the phone to be used with the other services. The iPhone however looses full functionality due to software restrictions installed by the manufacturer.

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